Odroid N2 & OpenVFD

But power botton with this pcb not work,and the power botton’s led always lighting,even poweroff or standby. what I missed?

DTB needs to be adjusted for them to work.

In the next board revision, the pins will be the same as in the wiki above.

I added setenv gpiopower ‘491’ to config.ini, but still not working.

@Pelican can you help?

Which CE version do you use?
Setenv doesn’t need in config.ini.
Follow the format you can find in /usr/share/bootloader/config.ini

I use the lastest nightbuild 0607

I’ve just tried and pin 31 (#491) works fine too in latest.

Thanks @Pelican, It is working now. and what value of the R1 recommend, I used a 120 Ω, the LED light still so dark.

It depends on the LED. Different colors, sizes and types need different current to show similar brightness.
Rule of thumb: they need 20 mA which means 3.3V/0.02A=165 ohm.
If your LED still dark with 120 ohm, then replace the resistor for a smaller value.
Make sure you don’t use 1,2k ohm now.
I personally don’t like bright LED light so I use 330 ohm for them.

OK,thanks ,is this led always lighting?

That pin has configured as an input with pullup so the led will always on.
You can read this topic for more info how to change this: Odroid-N2 Wake Button

I did some test, N2-SPDIF-OLED pcb plug out, pin #29 and GND = 3.0V, once the pcb plug in ,pin#29 and GND =2.4V, I think that’s why the led light so dark, no matter what value of resistor I change. so I think I missed some codes to set gpio pin#29. Now I use Pin#17(3.3V) for led power.

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I have 2 N2s, and I forgot to solder the gpio pin#17(3.3V) when I do the 2nd N2-SPDIF-OLED pcb ,then I got surprise.
with this N2 wakeup from suspend, the oled light again, this is difference to the first N2-SPDIF-OLED pcb which the oled will not light again when wakeup from suspend, and only difference between the two N2-SPDIF-OLED pcb is the pin #17 soldered and not soldered.

I’m really confused. who can explain this? why oled has no vcc connected to 3.3V still working?

It’s possible that the OLED is getting power through some of the other pins that have pullup resistors.
Maybe different OLEDs behave a little differently, I’m not sure.
But yeah, the PCB has 3.3v on pin #17 only, so you must use it and not pin #1.

Yes,I soldered pin#17. without Pin#17, the oled light too dark (especially for blue color oled)

I thought you was talking about the darkness of the power led not the oled display…


no, this time I told about the OLED display without 3.3V vcc connected, it also works
OLED does not light again when wake up from suspend, is it bug or not?

SDA and SCK are pulled up so maybe your oled can get power through them.

I received the PCBs and have about 5 left.

In case someone of you is interested (Europe), let me know. First come first served.

Hi @rosenrot, I would like to buy one of your PCBs :slight_smile: