Odroid N2 Suspend mode

is suspend mode activated?
what is an output of
cat /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf

OdroidN2:~ # cat /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf
cat: can’t open ‘/storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf’: No such file or directory

doesn’t seem to exist although there is a sleep sample file there

I’ve just made a test for you. CEC suspend and wake up works fine.
My setup is N2 - Denon AVR X2600 - LG tv
Why do you think your N2 shuts down?
Or what is the problem with it if it wakes up through CEC or IR command or WOL or power button?

That’s strange. Definitely shuts down for my setup N2 connected to Samsung TV. I will have to play around I guess.

Thing is, once it shuts down, it cant be woken up via CEC - it’s a complete power down. I have to switch off/on at mains etc.

Didn’t know there was a power button - let me have a look

There is no power button unless you make one… :slight_smile:
But you can try the other 3 methods to wake up your box.
I tried all and all of them working.

copy sample file and rename it to sleep.conf (placed here: \IP\Configfiles\sleep.conf.sample)
edit it and delete string SuspendMode=false, save it and reboot and try again if it works.

File should look like this:

CoreELEC-N2:/ # cat /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf

Damn - got excited at this but no joy :frowning: boo

@Pelican nothing wakes it up :frowning:

Is there anything else connected to your tv?
Could you get uart log from the N2?

quite a few things. Let me unplug everything else and try.

Not sure what uart log is but will google

You need a UART-USB adapter for your N2 to get uart log.

oh boy - more crazy shipping charges :frowning:
Didn’t get a chance to disconnect everything and try but will do so tonight.

Appreciated all your advice/help chaps!

Most cheapo UART adapters from ebay or aliexpress will do the job.

cheers - will look

I used to have this device and i remember that to wake the N2 from suspend i had to turn on my TV and switch HDMI source from the N2 to another HDMI source then back to the HDMI source the N2 was on. It would always wake from suspend when i did that.

It’s almost same on my LG, if have to select on the TV the HDMI port where the N2 is connected (ODROID-N2). Then it wake up.
This is TV brand & type dependent.

Thanks guys, but the problem is that the N2 actually shuts down. So nothing is going to wake it apart from a power cycle.

Actually, I think I know what the problem may be - or at least have a workaround. My Kodi is set to ‘Shutdown’ in Power settings. I reckon setting it to Suspend will sort. Will try when i get home.

Hmm, must take a look at my power settings, but my N2 suspends and wakes up via IR command just as it should…

How can you tell it shuts down, rather than goes into standby?

On shutdown you will see the CE Logo on restart, on suspend resume it enter Kodi direct.

If he unplug the power because he cannot wake it up then he cannot tell which was the case…