Odroid N2 Suspend mode

My N2 w/i EMMC was delivered yday and, first impressions, it’s very quick!. Almost on par with my old Wintel i5 kodi platform (which i gave up on for various reasons).

It’s definitely quicker than my Vero 4K+ (which is decent tbf) but the N2 has extra zip particularly running the heavt Titan MOD skin.

Also, confirmed that the N2/CE passes HDR MaxFLL & MaxCLL metadata (pending for the Vero) so tone mapping now works and matches my Oppo.

However, one thing is that the N2 does run quite hot - which is fine when it’s being used but bit of a waste when not. The Vero has a CEC Suspend function which lowers CPU etc so it runs pretty cool when the TV is off. On N2/CE the Suspend mode switches off the device. Hibernate option doesnt do anything.

Any chance CE can support CEC Suspend like the Vero?

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Can you define “hot”? My N2 runs at 35-40C inside a closed cabinet.
And yes, CEC supports suspend/wakeup.

Around 55 degrees when idle and the top and heatsink are pretty hot. It’s most likely due to the Titan MOD skin which is pretty active.

Agreed CEC supports suspend/wakeup but on the CE/N2 it causes N2 to power off. Have to unplug and plug in.

Works on my Vero 4K+ - ie it does suspend and wakes up.

@Portisch Any input on the CEC issue?

@mombasa123 I don’t know why, but there must be something on your box keeping a heavy load on the CPU or GPU.

Yes, the Titan MOD skin.

You can try a fresh install on a card without any extra add-on or skin and check CEC.
Suspend/wakeup should work when tv turns on and off.

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ok, thanks, i will give it a go from an SD card

you can try to enable black screen screensaver to stop your skin activity.

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You have set it to “suspend” in the CEC options? Hibernate is not supported!

Yes its in Suspend like with my Vero. N2 just powers off with the TV (no led lights).

Yes, figured Hibernate is not supported - was just trying my luck :slight_smile:

let me try again with a fresh install and ii will report back.


Just did a fresh install to SD card, went straight to CEC settings, N2 already in Suspend mode. Switched TV off and N2 shuts down :frowning:

NB I am using the stable build. Let me try the nightly.

Same with the latest nightly. N2 just shuts down.

is suspend mode activated?
what is an output of
cat /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf

OdroidN2:~ # cat /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf
cat: can’t open ‘/storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf’: No such file or directory

doesn’t seem to exist although there is a sleep sample file there

I’ve just made a test for you. CEC suspend and wake up works fine.
My setup is N2 - Denon AVR X2600 - LG tv
Why do you think your N2 shuts down?
Or what is the problem with it if it wakes up through CEC or IR command or WOL or power button?

That’s strange. Definitely shuts down for my setup N2 connected to Samsung TV. I will have to play around I guess.

Thing is, once it shuts down, it cant be woken up via CEC - it’s a complete power down. I have to switch off/on at mains etc.

Didn’t know there was a power button - let me have a look

There is no power button unless you make one… :slight_smile:
But you can try the other 3 methods to wake up your box.
I tried all and all of them working.

copy sample file and rename it to sleep.conf (placed here: \IP\Configfiles\sleep.conf.sample)
edit it and delete string SuspendMode=false, save it and reboot and try again if it works.

File should look like this:

CoreELEC-N2:/ # cat /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf

Damn - got excited at this but no joy :frowning: boo

@Pelican nothing wakes it up :frowning:

Is there anything else connected to your tv?
Could you get uart log from the N2?