Odroid N2 test builds


This includes IR working with dvb addons (thanks to @afl1)

Don’t know if you already fixed this so I investigated it.
In oe.py line 75 the “encoding” var is filled using locale.getpreferredencoding(do_setlocale=True) but there is no LANG environment variable set in CoreELEC.
Could this be the problem ?

What is the problem besides that log spam? Looks like some language issue although we disabled other languages besides english in the settings addon.

Install Locale addon and variable will be set.

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It’s maybe just log spam. Seems that the update went fine.

Thank you @vpeter

Hi, the “cartoon” effect is certainly better, I will need to check some more sources vs other players etc to be sure, but things are certainly more crisp now using the latest up. Just got home so I’ll do some more testing and picture taking later, thanks everyone for your work and input.

It’s best to have some samples. I could not see any cartoon effect yet. Hard to fix something you can’t see/test.

Mostly trial and lots of error. After experimenting with obvious parameters ended up browsing source for hints.

There was a function init_sharpness with comments about “sr0” which turned up sr0_sr1_refresh.

Very happy with the “cartoon” etc fix Ray, you’ve nailed it in my opinion. Here are now 3 images to compare, you can see the post fix version retains the gradients etc that were lost with the cartoon issue, with the fix and the PC player hitting source limitations. They’re not great pictures, just Nexus 3 pointed at screens but gives enough of an idea for this. Good stuff, cheers!

Sorry its just occured and I should have mentioned, I believe this specific issue was isolated to 720p source upscaling to 1080p, maybe.

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Yeah I figured it was an up scaling problem. I do only play content in the correct resolution and I let the TV switch to that. Only exception is 480p which I play at 1080p because it does look better on my TV.

Good job. :slight_smile:

I agree. And looking at the history about this issue it was discussed for a long time.

I can confirm that it does work, thanks very much.

However still very sluggish here. You have to wait almost a second between key-presses, and even when you do some presses are not recognised. (Sorry!!)

I’m sorry but I wet myself when you first posted the picture of Alan Partridge in cartoon effect :laughing: I would of left it as is just for the lolz :rofl:


Original Remote? You probably have to setup your timeout, repeat values for your remote. If not you can also use amremote if you use a NEC remote. Just look around in the forum.

And without superscaler the SD upscaling is better than S905X or similar?

At least there are no funny effects like the cartoon or the double contour effect that is in S905X too.

Yes original HK Odroid remote. A couple of other users reported this issue earlier in the thread.

As far as I can see lirc_options.conf needs modified as detailed here…


(N2 is referenced on this page as well as C2)

but this is an unwriteable file and I’m a bit of a n00b with SSH.

Also, I can’t get amremote to see this remote at all.

We don’t use lirc at all. We use rc core. You can adjust timing etc with ir-keytable. If you used lirc it could explain this long delay. Because HK remote works fine here.