Odroid N2 test builds

I just had some time with the N2 I must say it runs very well the GUI in 4K scrolling through 100’s of movies like a walk in the park the Shield had trouble loading the artwork here, I restored from a Shield backup just to quickly get going and test it out my plan is to start fresh later this week.

I did notice the tiny stutter mentioned in this thread and I have some screen tearing after skipping/jumping in HDR videos, haven’t tested if it’s also with bt.709 videos.

Overall I am very happy with the N2, CoreELEC is all new to me and looking forward following this journey, thanks to all team members.

I just downloaded and installed the latest version. Overall pretty nice, some small nits I noticed:

  • I plugged it into 4k tv, but booted up at very low resolution. UI was clipped. Worked fine after switching to 4k
  • I couldn’t select 60Hz from the refresh setting. I was just using it in 4k@60 from Windows
  • After selecting “Connect” to wifi network, it never asked for a password, and jumped back to language selection

This is the first thing I noticed as well, it blows every other Aml device out of the water in this regards.

Try to enable the HEVC option in Settings>System>CoreELEC (enable expert level settings first)

The UI will initially boot at 1080p, this is normal across all devices, although we do not recommend running the GUI at 4k.

Which wifi dongle are you using?

@Comma @ozolli
Preliminary tests show that the subs stutter problem is completely fixed.
It’ll require some more testing to make sure there are no regressions, but now playback with subs is 100% smooth, as far as I can see.



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Thanks that helped a lot, skipping through a hole movie I only saw it once.

Sounds superb…

Sub stutter is now completely fixed.


Where to download the latest version? Is it the 7th April version from here: https://test.coreelec.org/Odroid_N2/

We didn’t make an “official” test build with this change yet.
Are you asking because you have the sub stutter issue?

My n2 will be delivered today. So, I want to install the latest version.

Currently the latest public version is the one you stated, from April 7th.
Perhaps we’ll do another public build today.

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Cool !
including which changes?
Automatic color space/color depth switching ? :smile:

Not yet, that’s still in development.


5.1 PCM audio not working. I get garbled sound and the receiver only receives a 2.0 sound.

We are aware of this, I added this to the issues list.
As a workaround set channel number to 2.0 and enable AC3 transcoding.

Where is the setting for AC3 transcoding? Does passthrough work for other formats once AC3 transcoding is enabled?
Edit: found it. And it works.

We are doing internal tests with cd/cs auto switching. There are still cases with “No Signal” so we need to fix this first before releasing it.

Please do…, my box arrived today and I’d like to have this fix :slight_smile:

You can install CE from the latest public version, and use my build with the sub stutter fix applied from here https://test.coreelec.org/arthur/CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0-devel-1554757213.tar
Until we do a public release with accumulated fixes.

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It moves so fast, it makes you want to invest in this N2!
As soon as the auto color depth will be functional, I buy.
Well done people.

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