Odroid N2 test builds

You can try to place your order now, because it’s OOS and it’ll be a while before it’s back in stock.

Do you know if the HDR 10+ is supported by Kodi?

OK, that will do for now, tnx.

This workaround works fine if I only play 5.1 videos, but after playing a 5.1 AAC video in dolby digital, I lose the ability to play 2.0 videos. In fact, all stereo PCM sound is lost, even Kodi UI sounds. I need to restart my box to get back sound.
Edit: Solved the problem by changing the Audio output to : “AML Augesound, HDMI” instead of the default “Analog, PCM”

Yes, you need to select HDMI output for everything to work correctly. I added this instruction to OP.

I did, and here are first impressions:
“Shut down” is not really shut down, all USB ports remain under power.
Mouse support: My Logitech USB-WiFi (M510) mouse is not working.
Some (most) HEVC 720p videos did not work, had to turn HEVC Seek option to get them to work properly.
Subtitle stutter with public version is not “micro” but major when subtitles turn off. When subtitles turn on there is no stutter, though.

Your .tar version fixed subtitle stutter completely, well done and big THANKS :+1:

HEVC Remux files play fine without the seek workaround from my experience, but some encodes normally require more buffers, and thus the workaround must be enabled for them.

Good to hear that the sub stutter is fixed!

Only (some) 720p HEVC remuxes don’t play for me on N2. I had this problem on my S912 box with some CoreElec/Kodi beta versions, (it was blamed on wrong encoding) but it was fixed after some udate, don’t remember when…

720P content are encodes, a remux is the original content from the bluray disc packaged in a container (usually MKV).
But either way, we had the same workaround implemented in 3.14 kernel, and then we simply ported it over to the new 4.9 kernel.

Is there any way to increase the sensitivity or decrease the response time of the remote. Some of my key presses are not registered or it takes much longer keypress to register them as compared to my noname S912 box. The remote is the exact same: HP MCE remote RC-6.

It should work but we don’t have anyone with HDR10+ TV so there is no way to try

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Re: shutdown. I really recommend using suspend because it uses less power (0.8W). I did notice the usb power. I think it is related to my change to make HDMI CEC wakeup work. I might try to fix it or at least make a boot.ini option to disable CEC wakeup and USB power.

Now that users have started to receive their N2s, it’d be great if someone with a HDR10+ TV could check if it works or not.

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@Sholander I just fixed the poweroff USB issue you reported. Will be in the next build.
Now it’s 0.7W on suspend
1.1W on poweroff. All with WakeOnLAN enabled. I still don’t understand why poweroff uses more lol

Without wol it’s 0.3W powered off. And 0.2W in suspend.

So either way I again recommend suspend because it works good, it’s instantly on or off and uses less power than poweroff.

If WakeOnLAN is disabled in boot.ini with "setenv wol “0”, then I did that already; so only 0.2W in suspend :slight_smile:
To disable CEC do I have to change "setenv hdmi_cec “1” in boot.ini to "setenv hdmi_cec “0”?
I realy don’t need nor use CEC…

Tnx for this explanation.

Yeah. Remember boot.ini is overwritten on update. Use config.ini. You can disable cec too. It won’t save power though.

Just setup the 4.7.19 build on 4GB model. Left the whitelist display options all deselected, enabled passthrough audio on all formats. (Both TV and AVR are capable of all those settings)

Auto resolution switching worked as expected. HDR10 files automatically displayed and switched resolution (I left the default 1080 gui as suggested which defaults to 59hz). I did notice stuttering in all 23.976 4K content both HDR10 and SDR. As mentioned, there is also stuttering in 59hz and 60hz as well.

EAC3 audio on ONKYO receiver would not play. AAC stereo audio would not play even with stereo upmix off.

Setup was flawless, and the device feels noticeably faster than the C2. Aside from the stuttering video and few audio format limitations, everything else seems very promising. Happy to help with logs or testing for HDR10 video.

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DD+ seems to only work with some equipment, we’re still looking into it.

We are ironing out the remaining stutters. For HEVC content use the workaround setting in CE System settings. Subs stutter is fixed. And 60fpa issues are being worked on.

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