ODROID-N2 USB 3.0 interface issue

The N2 is nothing but hassle. Not worth it for free.

I have 8 hard drives hooked up to it (2 mediasonic 4 bay enclosures) plus another hard drive (Downloads) so 9 in total.

Whenever I try to delete a file from the Downloads drive, the unit freezes. I have to unplug the power and plug it back in just to work with it again.

This happens constantly. And only on this drive.

It’s not the drive, as I used an Odroid C2 before and this never occurred.

What a waste of money.

Have you connected the DL drive to one of the 4 USB ports near the ethernet?
There was an issue with the HUB, see

Try to use the USB OTG port on the side for the DL drive & report back.

You see, I purchased it for the USB 3.0 ports for the speed.
If I can’t use those, then it’s basically a useless device. I have 9 drives I want to use at USB 3 speeds.

Did/does that drive “number 9” work on Odroid C2 USB 3.0 port?

The issues with the USB 3 ports is well documented and a known issue. See the Hardkernel forum for further details. There are also issues using certain USB TV Tuners connected to these ports too.

Odroid C2 doesn’t have USB 3.0, only 2.0.
But yes, it works flawlessly.

Did you try it if it works OK on USB2.0 port on N2 ?

@SilverBlade, which version of CoreELEC are you using? Make sure you use the latest stable or nighly build as you need the following patch for S922X/A311D to get full performance on the USB3.0 interface (https://github.com/CoreELEC/linux-amlogic/commit/496d9914b73a103acf47e2ccc38ef7294f5200c4).