ODROID-N2Plus SBC announced

A new Revision of the well known ODROID-N2 SBC, called “N2Plus”, was announced today by Hardkernel:

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Inevitable I guess and I’m sure will be welcome, especially as everything that works now will work with the new one.
The statement “Rev-A is replaced by Rev-C with an improved CPU core power rail budget and higher clock frequencies.” was interesting to me because from what I have read, the power rail seemed to be one of the contributory factors in some of the hardware problems that have been encountered, so if that is correct then I the way I read it is that they are saying that it’s AMLogic’s fault that their original design was flawed.

Their marketing could also do with some work.

“We’ve just tested over 300 samples of the revised N2+ boards, and we found that all of the boards could be overclocked to 2.4Ghz.”

“Please note that we can’t guarantee the overclock to 2.4Ghz but we believe most of them will work at that frequency range.”

In other words, whilst we have so far found that what we have tested works, we can’t say that your purchase will.

Not the most inspired of comments with regards to quality control and I’m guessing that the 30 day warranty will still apply for this ‘Prototyping’ product?

Is it also possible that the requirement for a fan to operate at 2.4Ghz could be mitigated by not reducing the size of the heatsink, or do the pictured risers (included?) mitigate this already?

Also no specific mention of whether the existing case is suitable for the new model.

Keeping the price the same is a good move and I hope that they will still continue to produce the CoreELEC edition as that does seem to offer e better kind of value IMO.

I’m sure that it will sell well.

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I doubt that there will be a CE bundle but who knows.
N2+ is mostly a bugfix for the SoC. I don’t have one yet but I have been told that the cpu power increase is noticeable. But what do we need this power for :rofl:
The case should be compatible.

It would be interesting, if the HDR2SDR-tonemapping/artifacts and the HDR-to-dark issues with the rev A S922X is fixed with N2+…

The size difference in the heatsink probably only makes a 0.01% difference. Or pretty much not measurable outside of the margin of error.

They tested at a room temperature of 35c to verify worst case scenario. If you live somewhere that your average room temp is closer to 20c then you are already saving 15 degrees. :grinning:

The existing plastic case cover will fit. The only physical change is the fact that the two taller heatsink fins on the outside edge are shorter.

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I’m not gonna buy one of these but I will buy the add on fan as my N2 has been running hot lately. I don’t need the extra speed and the RTC battery holder isn’t an issue as I used a small piece of double sided foam tape to stick the RTC battery to the board.

I don’t think the N2 plus addon fan is compatible with standard N2 .

You are the first CE member who has reported heating issues with an N2.

How did You do that ?
My N2 is runnig 24/7 and never runnig hot

It looks like CE bundle is coming :grin::+1::ok_hand:

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The heatsinks looked the same to me, the only difference is the fins\feet on the outer edges are taller on the N2. They probably shortened them to reduce the height when a fan is used, and to let the fan sit flush with the heatsink and it it.

So now we can run dolphin full speed with android 64 bit.

I hope emuelec will add dolphin emulator

I thought it was kinda funny that my N2 was hot but then I realized that I’d been running it for 5 hours with an ambient air temp of 90’ watching anime encoded at the h264 profile of hi5.1 with 16 reference frames which is very processor intensive. That profile is absurd and only anime “re-encoders” are stupid enough to use it. The 4 screw holes in the N2’s heatsink are the same from the N2 to the N2+ other wise you couldn’t use the same vesa mount.

So, the plus version is just a overclocked N2 right?
Too bad there is no usb c on it

I have the 4 gb N2 and has never seen ram gets over 50%, even the proc get not fully used…
Having said that i watch mainly movie(4k,1080,720) and music from own library…(and some anime trough an addon :shushing_face:)

It’s not just an overclocked. The first g12b SoC was buggy as hell. It’s a new revision with bugfixes.


Hi just wanted to get some more info on the Revision bugs: The bugs were in Rev.A of the S922X right, and so they existed in original N2, but also in any other generic box which had S922X Rev.A, right?

And were these bugs mostly solved in S922X Rev.B, for example in generic boxes which used S922X Rev.B?

That’s what revisions are for. But needless to say that the N2 is still working great and I am using it as my daily device. I would probably not upgrade if I have an N2.

I see you have done some work to support the N2+, I received mine today and am running the latest (7/20/21) build and am wondering what do I need to do so I can receive the full clock speeds?

@rooted Go to
Settings > System Information > Hardware
If the Hardware: line says Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus then you are all good.
If it instead says Hardkernel ODROID-N2 then you need to change the dtb that is being used.

mount -o remount,rw /flash
cp /flash/device-trees/g12b_s922x_odroid_n2plus.dtb /flash/dtb.img
mount -o remount,ro /flash

Then after you reboot you should be good to go.

Most builds will make sure the correct dtb is used automatically, but there was a couple builds that didn’t when support for the ODROID-N2+ was first added.

Thanks, that worked but I was already using the latest build.

Maybe it was due to me just swapping the eMMC from the N2 to the N2+?

The only diff is the dtb, nothing else. So be sure to use the correct one.
You can set overclocking in config.ini.
This is the clock diff to the “standard” n2:

Use this parameter to edit the clock speed:

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