One way of how to setup a Wireguard VPN

Some lovely wholesome developer has included: connmanctl.

Which really makes it easy to setup a wireguard vpn.

connmanctl watches: /storage/.config/wireguard

And has its own config system, just create a: nano myvpn.config in that directory.

Type = WireGuard
Host = (The IP of the VPN Server. Ping its hostname)
Domain = ThisMustHaveANameAndByGawdANYNAME
WireGuard.Address = The VPN internal server IP (ends with 24 or 32 usually)/32
WireGuard.PrivateKey = yourPrivateKeyHere
WireGuard.PublicKey = yourPublickeyThere
WireGuard.DNS = DNS_IP1, DNS_IP2
WireGuard.AllowedIPs =
WireGuard.EndpointPort = TheServerPort
WireGuard.PersistentKeepalive = 25

(There shall be no () in the config!)
Then you save it.
Type connmanctl whack enter.
Now you should be able to see it by typing: services (and whack enter)
If everything is ok, it should be listed.

Now you can type:
connect (first letter of config & press TAB) autocompletedConfigname
Likewise, you type disconnect to disconnect.

And then it should say: Connected
Type: quit to Quit.

You can check your external ip by:

If you wish, you can setup so that it starts on boot by:
config VPNNAMEByTAB autoconnect yes

Enable the service:
systemctl enable connman

Now, I hope to use my N2 as a gateway (see thread), so that the local network can use wireguard at the same time. Seems to be iptables that’s missing.

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I guess wireguard can not be setup with zomboided vpn manager?

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It seems to utilize openvpn only.

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