(Overclocking N2, SOLVED, results inside) Cannot locate boot.ini

So remove setenv? Leave it as max_freq_a73. This is counter to what is mentioned by odroid. Is this specific to config.ini?

Thank you again!

Probably he mentioned to write to the boot.ini where setenv is neccessary…
But you don’t have to try it if you don’t want.
Anyway, why are you so determent to overclock your N2?

For science! :slight_smile:

So, it appears as if my kodi auto updated to the latest nightly after I set the config file as you had mentioned. (Not sure how or why?)

The frequencies remain stock default. This is what I now see .

Thank you again!! Youv been most helpful.!

This is for a73 clocks

What science?
OK, I try it on my box…

Thank you for helping me!

Doing all this for simply testing purposes. I installed a fan to my N2. :slight_smile:

Am also interested if there is a way to either stress test / benchmark the system via ssh.

My idle temps are 75F on the cpu/gpu right now.

It is working here.
You just have to follow the examples
Core922:~ # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_available_frequencies
100000 250000 500000 667000 1000000 1200000 1398000 1512000 1608000 1704000 1896000 1992000
Core922:~ # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy2/scaling_available_frequencies
100000 250000 500000 667000 1000000 1200000 1398000 1512000 1608000 1704000 1800000 1908000

Damn equal sign, and also had to make " into ’ . Got it working now! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!!

Any cpu or gpu stress test / benchmarks I can run via ssh or inside coreelec? What about for sd / emmc speeds?

For any one thats interested:

Temperatures at a 2 Ghz Overclock on both A73/A53 - 595 perc cpu useage - 10 minute stress test (software decode 4k)

80x80mm coolermaster low rpm fan

Peak Temp : 43C

Peak Idle Temps : 28C

All 6 cores : ON

Kodi built in CPU benchmarks (python)

Stock score (single core) : 31300 score
Overclocked score (single core) : 34400 score

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What are the framerate level results in the Kodi interface in 4K, at the covers affichage level ?

What I find strange is that the system clocks to ±35fps when browsing the covers. Yet cores are around 40% max. As if Kodi did not exploit the power of the chip. Does overclocking change anything?

The GPU is not part of the CPU cores. He only overclocked the CPU, not the GPU.

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Can we overclock the GPU ?

Is there a way to confirm rpm of fan attached via usb with an adapter? Im asking because my fan seems to be running very silent / slow for its spec.

Not complaining! (Love the silence)

Just wondering…

I am using :

h ttps://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=5_1336_1426&item_id=131892

h ttps://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_130&item_id=079896

That cable looks like a complete ripoff to me.
The fan is designed for 12V operating voltage. USB has a 5V rail, meaning that you’re undervolting the fan. It’ll spin much slower and of course be much quieter. That cable simply converts the USB output to something you can connect a PC fan to. To monitor RPM, you need a 3rd sense wire, you can see that the cable only has 2 pins (positive and neutral).

For the purpose of the n2 I guess this is a good thing. The fan is spinning in its slowest state (800rpm) im guessing.

If I followed the intstructions above for powering the fan thru the n2 board itself, it would run in its max 3000 rpm, no?

Thanks for the input!

Reading someone did some testing with a 2500 rpm 12v fan (1000-2500 rpm range at 12v)

At 5v it ran 320-780rpm - so slower than the min at 12v.

Im also reading some fans wont even start at 5v.

I wonder truly how slow my fan is spinning! Could be sub 500rpm. (Damn is it quiet)

If it’s quiet and cool,
what more do you want?
It’s not like you can squeeze more GHz from 922X CPU (o’clock it to 4GHz)…
I shall attach one 12 NB XL1 to my N2 and see how it goes. Currently it holds on 49 deg Celsius, and I’m not used to such readings, especially without any OC…

P.S. Currently, can’t really comprehend any actual benefits of this N2 OC, except for the sport, of course…:smile:

At best its a ten percent boost! Stability is questionable! 15 min stable at max cpu useage isnt promising for any extensive workloads. It is however sufficient for any coreelec useage :). Also it did reflect In the kodi cpu benchmark (python).

What are the framerate level results in the Kodi interface in 4K, at the covers affichage level ?

Actualy, the system clocks to ±35fps when browsing the covers. Does overclocking change anything ? Can we overclock the GPU ?

10% boost for Kodi+CE use intent only is pointless, IMHO.
Especially when you put the stability on the scale.
At the moment, the stock N2 state suits me perfectly fine, even with 1080p GUI.
But then again, I use it only as a media box. TVheadend, NAS, compute power, networking and etc. are outsourced/diversified on other assets… :blush:

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What exactly is a “covers affichage level” ? Do you mean home page with movies? Or all movies in kodi library ?