Passthrough not working after update :(

Hello everyone

Today I’ve updated to 9.2 and noticed that I have no audio passthrough. I’ve looked at all of the possible settings and nothing works for me. Then I’ve deceded to install back the old version I had and the passthrough worked again as a charm. So I’ve Updated again and the same result : no passthrough . For the experiment I’ve tryed all the lower 9…versions and in all of them - nothing :frowning: . The latest version that works for me is “CoreELEC-S912.arm-8.95.7-S912” . Can someone check what is going wrong with the above versions .

My box is H96 Pro+ 3gb and the receever is Pioneer VSX-922

It’s likely something wrong at your end as hundreds of others have passthrough working on stable 9.2… So, can you please give us some more information about your hardware setup and the settings used in Kodi. A log would be appreciated and you can see how here: How to post debug logs

And take a look at Kodi’s guide if you haven’t already - Audio quickstart guide


Hi, again. After a long and frustraiting investigation I found that the problem is in my hardware setup, and to be more exact - It was a HDMI cable and a HDMI splitter problem. After a long day of experiments finaly I’ve noticed that the splitter blinks from time to time, which indicatets something like resolution negotiation or some kind of “talk - missunderstanding” between the devices, so I’ve swapped ports and cables couple of times and now all is workikng in the new version :slight_smile: . But I still can’t understand how it is possible for this problem to show it self in the new versions and in the old to be OK. It is so strange. 10x for the help :slight_smile: