PlexMod crashing when seeking with TrueHD audio

PlexMod on CE will crash when seeking using chapters/FF/seek.

I can consistently reproduce this crash when using chapters to seek. Attached are 2x different crash logs showing crashes. The first is captured with 20.4, the 2nd 20.5.

Any help is appreciated.
01_KODI_CRASH (1).log (801.1 KB)
01_KODI_CRASH.log (792.3 KB)

Not sure if this is a PlexMod or CE issue. PlexMod on Kodi for my other devices does not have this problem (Zidoo).

Any help appreciated

A post from the PM4K creator:

I can see certain errors, but none that would lead to Kodi crashing. In general: We’re only handing off the video stream to the Kodi player, afterwards it’s mostly out of our hands what happens. Can you reproduce this with other versions of CoreELEC?

This does appear to be related to the player crashing, not the modification itself. @Portisch I don’t think the edit on my title was necessary.

This issue didn’t happen in 20.3, or was far less prominent.

You know that there was a arch change in CoreELEC?
So did you fresh install or you use a backup?

Try again with spare media and fresh install.

I flashed brand new version of Amlogic-ng-20.5 nightly for 03/16. Installed the newest version PlexMod4Kodi

I’m still getting Plex and Kodi crashes anytime on seek. It crashes on demand if seek is used.

Debug log enabled and captured clean log of 3x crashes here.
01_KODI_CRASH.log (1.7 MB)

Can you enable Kodi debug logging and post log again?

I had it enabled on that previous run. I think those logs are here, but lmk if this isn’t what you’re looking for:
01_KODI.log (634.4 KB)

Sadly it is not what I though it is. Can’t help.

I made a small discovery I hope you can help with.

This crash only happens when TrueHD audio is selected. If I have an AC-3 compatibility track playing, no issues on seek/resume.

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