Power cycle via BT

Hi all,

Odroid N2, CE 9.2.3

Is there a way to power OFF and ON , or Suspend and then ON, the N2 using a BT remote? Seen a lot about IR remotes but not BT remotes.

I have Xiaomi MiTV remote and just wondering if it’s at all possible.



Certain BT remotes have programmable buttons. Something to keep in mind when shopping for one. Programmable means that you can program the BT remote by teaching it the power off/on/suspend/wake-up, etc. codes.

This remote is not programmable, but will keep that in mind.

It has a power button, which does turn OFF the N2, but there’s no way to turn it back ON apart from power cycling the N2.

when the power button on the remote is not a IR signal it will not wake up the device as BT wake up is not supported. it’s in the source but I never tested it as nobody use it. also it depends on the BT receiver hardware. BT USB dongle aren’t working for sure as USB wake up is also not supported.

I use for all my boxes a Logitech Harmony 665. The remote supports Hardkernels Odroid C2 and N2.

Maybe the power button is IR ?

Might be worth trying

No, I’ve disabled the IR.

Yes, I had read this but it’s related to IR so did not think it relevant.

EDIT: The Inject BL301 Blob Option is also not available in settings as suggested by the article you mentioned.

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