PowerOff won't work anymore!

Ok I would like to present my problem. Some time ago on a S905X device i bought a remote control as in the attached picture because the PowerOn did not work. I fixed the problem ( New remote usb not work on poweron ) and it still works but for some strange reason now the poweroff doesn’t work anymore (work bfefore) !. To turn off CoreElec I must have to select the PowerOff from the menu. Thank you!

What do you expect now ?

Any suggestion what happened and how to solve. What else?

Good luck.
The only info was it´s no longer working.
Nobody could know what You have done

Maybe I was unclear. It is not a problem generated by some modification of mine (which I have not done) but probably by some update because suddenly not even the original remote control works anymore. So definitely something in the CE version.

Have you gone through the same configuration process again that enabled it’s use last time?

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