Problem CE the Netflix CE 8.95.5

Hi, the netflix does not play, you do it as it loads and in the end it does not, what is the solution ?

see here:

Netflix with CE now requires the new addon-version 0.13.20

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you need 0.13.21 for 1080p

Although the addon supports 1080p, it’s still using software decoding.
Therefore our Amlogic devices are still limited to 720p, because the CPU is too weak for 1080p.

yes, that’s true.
I installed the netflix addon 0.13.21 with CE-nightly and configured inputstream adaptive to 1080p
on my BeeLink Mini MXIII II (S905X).
Netflix works and the resolution is 1080p, but it plays very skippy and is unusable.
Netflix with 720p is ok.