Problem in CE screen

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today I came to play on my device Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus, but when the CE started the gui became like video. I did format the hd that CE was in and I installed it again but same problem.

FYI, I can play and movies dv, hdr and sdr no issue with PQ just the problem same with the video.

I don’t know what is happening in first half of the video but the second part is what it looks like (spinning elements).

I have seen that on Nokia 8010 (with latest Android 12 update) and it has to do with Android HDR settings. IIRC setting HDR to Auto resolves this effect…
When 8010 boots to Android and first a HDR sign appears on black screen followed with a Dolby Vision sign, this effect will happen. If HDR is set to Auto there are no HDR/DV signs while booting Android, and there is no such effect then booting CE…

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Do mean I should make HDR in Andriod to Auto? but since I bought it I did not use the tv box in android only CE OS.

Yes try this setting in Android, that is how it worked on Nokia 8010.
Do you also have HDR and Dolby Vision signs when booting Android?

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woow thank you so much, solved the problem now the device booting as normal. I appreciate your help. Best regards.

Gremlins ?

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