Problematic playback on N2, not on S912

i also encounter some problems. i have a problem with a austrian stream (orf1/orf2) but all other works fine. also, i have some problems with a couple of 4k files that played about half a year ago without problems. i provided a sample to ray, maybe it is related?

@Ray maybe related to my problem?

Your file is h265. Not sure what your austian streams are.

ok. orf1 has:
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264)
Resolution: 1280x720
(sry, i know of the following only the german names)
Bildwiederholrate (probably refresh rate?): 50
Grundfarben: ITU-R BT.709

So I tested your file with the change. As expected it is h265 and it still has the issue you know of.

Here is a test build with the fix from @boot2k3

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Tested the sample clip with the latest nightly and it works perfectly.

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tested the orf1/orf2 streams from init7 iptv. hoped that this would maybe fix that too, but it didnt.

Upload a sample(1-2 minutes) of this stream to check it.

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I don’t see any issue with this record. Do you have any issue with it?

Thanks a lot @Ray and @boot2k3. I will get back home next Monday unfortunately, but I will test also. But I know that @Compent knows his stuff so it feels comfortable if he says it is working.

I will install the nightly, I guess it will be included in the next main release also (if there are no more reports that the patch have negative impacts)?

tbh: i did not test the .raw file on kodi. now i did. also without any problem. the difference is that i stored that file with vlc, i dont know if vlc changed something in it what the stream does not have (e.g. adding some kind of meta information etc.).
when i play the stream with vlc on my pc i have no problems.
when i play the stream on kodi, it stutters. i can create a little video of it if required.
and affected is only orf1 and orf2, all other (about 200 channels) work as expected.
maybe its a problem with the iptv addon.

Without sample it could be not so easy to repeat…
but yes, dmesg, kodi debug log, and video of issue with ToggleDebug OSD enabled may be could say something.

@someuser, are you having the same issue that I did with certain files that don’t work on N2 but do work on S912? If the issue isn’t the same although similar, I guess it would be good to keep the threads apart?

sorry for overtaking your thread :wink:
i thought its the same problem but seems like its a different one

How you access the ORF streams as they are geographical locked.

No, no worries at all. It was for your sake that I suggested that, so that you get attention on your issue and that it is not misunderstandings

i will create a new thread for my problem

Just came home, dropped my bags and threw myself at the N2. I installed the patch that @boot2k3 provided, and it works flawlessly. Thanks!!
Can this fix also be added to main releases when the time comes?

It’s in nightly already, so it will be of course in next release

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