IPTV: ORF1 stutters

i have some problems with 2 channels (ORF1 and ORF2) on my IPTV. All other channels work like a charm (about 200).
the IPTV stream is provided by my ISP.
When i play the stream from my computer (Fedora 32) with vlc, everything works.
when i play the stream from my odroid n2 (nightly coreelec) then it stutters and lags, its unwatchable.
when i download parts of the stream and watch that on my n2, it works.

they are partial locked to region

kodi.log: https://pastebin.com/fb9uWaY3
dmesg: https://pastebin.com/rQ46S9GG

it is related to: Iptv: one channel is stuttering, all others work / stream stalled in log

this was working last year without problems. but i dont know when exactly it stopped working

sample video of playback:

the playback aborted, i did not stop it!
the second scene (from viva) shows how it should be

if there is any information missing, just tell me what you need and i will try to provide it!
any help is appreciated!

I just tried them shortly here and they are working fine. But I use DVBViewer PVR Client here and the DMS get the stream and forward it to kodi.
Maybe it’s just a higher bitrate?

@someuser, please try this test build:
If it works then we have a chance to find solution faster.

first of all, thanks for the response/help, i really appreciate that

and whatever you did to that build, it works! i tested it just shortly (about 2 minutes) but i have no stutter at ORF1, works like a charm!
also ORF2 works

ok, in that case I need your help for testing to find correct patch again
I will do some builds for you later to find a part of patches
And will send you in PM as it will be ready

Check if your h265 video works too

i did, it did not work

have you been able to investigate in that or should i create another topic for that h265 file?

I have no idea what the issue is. I’m currently looking into this issue. The fix send by @boot2k3 is not good because it enables deinterlace on progressive content. This leads to bad picture quality.

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