Problems with Movies and TV Shows

Will CoreELEC work better than Mac version of KODI?
I’ve been testing with KODI on my Mac in preparation for adding files to CoreELEC on N2.
I was able to import 657 movie titles and 58 TV shows.
But 5 movie titles and 17 TV shows would not import.
Also, art for 27 movie titles and 17 seasons of TV shows would not import.
A few movies imported incorrect art that I cannot clear after deleting files, clearing library, deleting Thumbnails folder and Textures13.db, and re-adding movies.
A few movies were added with wrong titles that I manually corrected, but then wrong title kept changing back.
I spent huge amount of time renaming and moving files into folders, only to end up with these issues.
I’ve tried naming files different ways but that doesn’t help.
I named every movie with date in parenthesis.
I named every TV show episode with season year in parenthesis followed by episode numbers formatted as S01E01, etc, and placed all season episodes in TV show folder with year in parenthesis.
I treated multi-part TV shows as if they were a single season.
I tried doing the same with multi-part movies, but each part adds as separate movie.
I can live with that but not with missing movies and whole TV seasons.
Sometimes 1 or 2 seasons are added of a TV show but 1 or more seasons of the same show are not added.
I think part of the problem comes from scraping TheMovieDatabase.
It’s not nearly as complete as IMDB.
I installed Artwork Organizer add on which copies artwork to folders.
Is there a way to manually add artwork to folders?
This is a troubleshooting nightmare!
How can I fix it? I’m having buyers remorse.

I do not know about renaming etc. But I would, add video sources through the kodi/CE interface. It will then ask you the type of videos, ie movies or tv shows, on that page there is a drop down for the choice of scrapers ie IMDB or TMDB, make your choice & scan from scratch.
Forget about importing for the time being.

My bad for using term “import”. I “added” all the files in Kodi on my Mac just the way you describe and am having all these issues, which seem like they will be the same on CoreELEC version of Kodi interface. Very disappointing.
All movies load with subtitles “ON” as default, and I would like to change default to OFF.
Is that possible?
That default is only rational for foreign movie buffs who watch foreign language films. It’s ridiculous that it’s the default setting.

Play a movie, scroll right on the on screen menu, to settings, then not sure which, video/audi/subtitles there will be a button for subtitles, set to off, then set as default for all.

Got it!
Sensory overload; has taken long time to learn my way around Kodi labyrinth, otherwise shouldn’t have missed that fairly obvious setting.
However, external HD does not show in CoreELEC so I can’t add movies.
HD shows in Videos > Media Sources, but when I go into Videos > Categories > Files my HD isn’t listed.
Why doesn’t external HD appear in Files so I can browse to it to add files?

Never mind; figured it out.

How can I import music playlists?
I exported my iTunes playlists in m3u format to a flash drive, plugged it into Odroid N2 and added to Library, but none of them show in Music playlists.

Can I add Pellucid skin via zip file?
I don’t have internet connection at TV so I can’t add via CoreELEC interface.

Or is there some way to change the categories that display by default on Music and Movie home screens?
I want to get rid of Recently Played Albums, Recently Added Albums, Random Albums, Random Artists, and Unplayed Albums.
I’d rather have Playlists, Albums, Artists, Genres.

For Movies, I’d like to get rid of Recently Added Movies and Unwatched Movies.
I’d rather have categories for each Genre, Titles A-Z, Years, Actors Directors, Studios, Sets, Countries and Tags instead of rectangular black buttons across top.

Don’t know about playlists.

as for skins, can you find a zip file? I think you need to download it

as for categories you need to do this through the interface settings page.

my suggestion is you have play, that is the way most of us here have learnt.

Play? This is worst than work! I’ve been at it for weeks now. What a Time Pit. Trial and error - like going back to the Stone Age. Not much point of a “help” forum. Every man for himself. Every man is an island. Meh!

I’m sorry you feel that way.

I cannot help you configure the skin as I do not have it, so you will have to get it somehow & adjust it yourself.

You can add a skin. You can copy it to a USB drive and then load it from the Kodi UI.
Not sure about importing a music playlist, as I never tried doing that before.

In any case, your questions are Kodi oriented, and if you can’t find an answer here, you can also search for Kodi guides and use the Kodi forums.

So what is CoreELEC then? A brand like a store that puts their name on a Visa or MC credit card, changing superficial things like color, logo etc?
I can’t see any difference between Kodi on my Mac and CoreELEC on my Odroid N2.

@ds_tx CoreElec is the operating system and Kodi is a program. Think of it that way. Go and get assistance in the Kodi forum for specific issues. The members and developers here are very helpful, if you refuse to take advice on where to get proper assistance, then don’t complain.

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CE deals with supporting Kodi on Amlogic chipsets based devices. Almost every Android streamer from $10 to $* uses those chipsets.
I’m often amazed by the willingness of the devs to add support for so many devices, as they often come with different hardware that isn’t that trivial to deal with, and create a lot of kinks (like BT, Wi-fi etc), not to mention the many different Amlogic revs out there.

**Just enough operating system ( JEOS) **
Which runs Kodi Software
No go and look up Google which looks the same on Windows and Mac
Now use it to learn the basics in using the Kodi Software.

Otherwise go and buy an Apple TV .

You are very rude.
You don’t want to find out anything yourself.
Don´t want to learn KODI basics, but blaming the team about missing help :frowning_face:

For some reason you are mixing an Operating System with programs running on that OS. Could you explain the reason for that, or is it just plain ignorance ?

Just out of curiosity, Firefox also looks the same on Windows and Android…, so if you’d have problems using Firefox would you complain to Microsoft or to Google ?

If you don’t see the differences, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Do you see Planet Pluto?

I do not have internet connection to N2 CoreELEC, so I run Kodi on Mac to test adding files and to become familiar with the system.
The interface on both is the same - Kodi Estuary skin, except CoreELEC’s is branded and red. (Pellucid skin has much better design appearance, but lacks Movie list A-Z and some other features available in default Estuary).
I have spent countless hours digging for info, reading threads at Odroid, Kodi and CoreELEC forums, so ignorance is those who accuse me of not wanting to learn.
It’s not about learning, but about troubleshooting and finding resolution to simple functionary things that do not work that should! Get that?
If anyone is rude, it’s those who provide quip answers without any real interest in helping people troubleshoot and fix issues.
Answering that CoreELEC is the os which runs Kodi on an SBC should suffice.
Enough with the insults; insults don’t help fix issues.
The more new people using N2 etc. and CoreELEC Kodi, etc. the better the system will get.
Keep that in mind when people come to the forums for help if you really care about the system.
I have never experienced a system with so many problems -
On Mac -
I have a list of missing artwork, some or most of which is probably because there is no art at theMovieDB.
Why can’t I change settings so movies are scraped from IMDB which has much better db?
That would probably clear up a lot of the missing art.
I’ve tried MediaElch and
But then there’s wrong titles, wrong art, and worst of all, titles that won’t add at all no matter how I title files.
I have 5 seasons of Upstairs Downstairs (1971-975); first two seasons scraped fine but Kodi won’t add last 3 seasons even though she added first two and all five are titled the same way.
Go figure! No rhyme or reason to that.
Kodi on Mac begins to play my iTunes playlists, then switches to complete library.
CoreELEC will not play my iTunes playlists at all, and makes a mess of TV shows, changes some titles, etc.
Believe me, if Apple TV played VOB files, I would never have gotten involved with Odroid CoreELEC no matter how good the hardware is.
Organization of files is a whole lot easier with iTunes (take a hint Kodi devs).
Drag and drop files to create playlists, check boxes for song tracks to omit some I don’t want to hear from albums at any time, etc.
Apple TV has WIFI and BT built in and easily connects to iTunes on my Mac.
I got used Apple TV 3 on eBay for $32.
With $83 N2 (no remote, WIFI or BT) I’m stuck waiting for a remote to become available and looking for WIFI and BT adapters and wondering if they’ll work or be another waste of my $.
For all the crAPPLE I’ve experienced using Mac since SE days of early 90s, Apple TV interface is a whole heck of a lot easier to use than Kodi’s labyrinth, which leaves me with the constant fear the Minotaur is going to appear at any moment and eat me alive.
I think it already has - heaps of frustration and no resolution in sight to the mess.
No matter how much time I spend learning the system, the drilling down and down to find the function you need for this and that is so demanding, I should have been taking notes so I wouldn’t have to chase down bunny holes each time looking for the function I want.
If Kodi had only been released a few years ago, I’d understand but it’s been around for years.
The inability to change display of home pages for Movies, Music and TV Shows is disappointing.
I don’t care what’s been recently added or recently played or random, and I don’t want to have to wear out my remote (when I get one) scrolling through hundreds of titles, when buttons for each letter of alphabet could pull up first of each title beginning with the letter.
Shortcomings of Kodi aside, the question is who’s going to man up, belly up to the bar and stick it out with me to the end until these issues get resolved?
Starting with missing art and files that won’t add.
Quip fragmentary replies (and especially insults) don’t help fix issues.
I’m at my wits and ropes end.
If you want to bully go elsewhere.
If you want to help, I want to hear from you.

As far as I understand, most of the “problems” you are aware of are due to the fact that you are not yet familiar with making the settings in Kodi.

" I have spent countless hours digging for info, reading threads at Odroid, Kodi and CoreELEC forums, so ignorance is those who accuse me of not wanting to learn. "

Perhaps it would be better to spend several days with “how to” Google about Kodi settings, and return to the message written by you now. You will probably change your attitude.