PVR IPTV Simple Client old version - long load time

Bug report

Describe the bug

The current version of the PVR IPTV Simple Client addon ( in the CoreElec repo has a bug which causes unnecessary long load time of the EPG. The issue was introduced in version 3.8.0 and is fixed in 3.8.3.
The issue is already described here.
As @TheCoolest already mentioned in the linked thread a pull request was already submitted by @vpeter, which is by now merged. After the merge the CE repo should have been updated.

CoreELEC version

CoreELEC version: 9.2.0

Other information, sample media (if appropriate)

Here is some additional information or sample media that might help:

Initial bug description
Pull request

It was fixed in nightly builds.

I saw this after posting the thread but could not edit an not approved post. I presume there is no way that the stable addons repo will be updated for 9.2.0?
So the easiest way without switching to nightlys would be to just install the addon from https://relkai.coreelec.org/?dir=addons/9.2/Amlogic/arm/pvr.iptvsimple?

Yes, that will be the “quick and dirty” solution, but it’ll work.

This addon has now been bumped to in the stable repository.