Red line appear on live tv(pvr)

Hi. Please understand me if I write bad english.
when I used 8.90.4, if I set ‘disable deinterlacing’, not happened this problem.
but 8.90.5 is ineffective this way.
My android box is m8s pro l.
Thank you for reading this post and please help me.!


like this.

In Settings->System->CoreELEC->Disable deinterlacing.

@afl1 no he is right, it looks like you removed the deinterlacing code in one of your previous commits link.

Thanks for reporting @doh this will be fixed in the next version.

thanks you @anon88919003
Are there any temporary workarounds to use before the next update?

@doh yes you can do echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_all on SSH, you will need to do it on each reboot or add it to

@anon88919003 I think it doesn’t work. @doh Pls, report parameters for affected video (codec, resolution, fps, interlaced/progressive).

thanks you. I solved it!

codec : am-h264(hw)
video stream : 1920 x 1080i , 1.78AR , 59.940fps
deinterlaced : hardware

I don’t know to find interlaced/progressive method. sorry

1920x1080i means interlaced.
THX. I’ll fix this issue in next release. For now disable CoreElec option 'Disable deinterlacing and use @anon88919003 command.

The problem still exists on my x96mini box with CE

Doesn’t matter if I use Tvheadend with Astrometa USB TV DVB-C stick (which runs extremly good), or DVBViewer Client with Recording-Service as server (with DVB-C and S2 cards)

The most 1920x1080i (DVB-C and DVB-S2) channels have that red line problem. Somtimes directly, somtimes after a while.

I did the “echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_all” trick, put it in, with no effect.

Isn’t deinterlacing already deactivated?

This channel (Sky Bundesliga 1 HD) runs without problems:

50ps? Think this is a mistake. its only 25fps. But I saw this in LE also.

If I remember correctly the deinterlacing trick in does not work any longer because something else keeps modifying the value after startup. Change it manually in settings instead.

Works! Thanks. But who does the deinterlacing now? :thinking: