Remote communication server failed to start (Beelink MiniMXIII)

Beelink MiniMXIII. RTL8723BS WiFi.
Latest android firmware (107L1_0425) that Beelink released on internal memory.

Seeing this message appear once the box boots into Kodi and the startup wizard starts.
Unable to control the box using the Beelink remote but I’m able to control the box with the TV’s remote.
The TV in question is a Samsung Smart TV K5500 (UE40K5500AKXXU)
Possible issue with HDMI-CEC or something else?
The only button recognized on the Beelink remote is the up key but I don’t know what function it’s mapped to.

I used the included log uploader to hopefully capture what’s gone wrong.

This is clean install using the latest version of CoreELEC found here:

Extracted that image, used DD to copy that file onto a blank SD card and copied across the correct DTB file into the appropriate place:

Thanks to everyone who’s worked on making these boxes usable.
The manufacturers support is less than pathetic.
Hopefully things should improve drastically once these S905 boxes are supported in the mainline kernel.
I’ve currently got LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2- on another SD card and don’t get this issue.

If I’ve not provided enough/correct information then don’t hesitate to say where I’ve gone wrong =D

It’s a Kodi issue, see this topic to check if it is the same for you.