Remote issues

I’m having a problem with my IR remote on the N2. It works fine after I set it up using the “How to configure IR remote control” guide posted here (meson-ir), but then stops working after a reboot. To get it working I have run through the meson-ir part of the guide again.

I thought maybe there was something wrong with my install since I loaded the image on eMMC from Windows with a USB writer, corruption maybe. So I loaded up a µSD card and ran installtoemmc to put a fresh image on the eMMC. No change.

Can you guys help me get this sorted out?


After you have rebooted and when your remote is not working, SSH to your device and type remoteinfo and paste the link.

Thanks, here it is

Your rc122 remote file is wrong, you have not defined the remote type at the top of the file.

See the example here.

Thank you so much, all good now.

That was easy. Didn’t realize that line was required. Was thinking the worst like my hardware was defective. It actually worked without that line no problem running the stable version on my Le Potato board.

Hello, would anyone help me with my remote. It does not react at all even during the meson-ir configuration, as if the IR did not work. Here is the config file , Many thanks in advance.