Retrogaming Coreelec

Hello , i want try for the first time retrogaming Addon, the Idea is to make it work with the last /strongest box i buy : Beelink GT king 2
I use coreelec New Era on emmc
I have search on Coreelec forum and found posts about emuelec ,but very old /2019/2020 with emuelec 3.2…max , After searching on Google i found that there are now at 4.6…but i dont found the Addon for coreelec with the 4.6…
I have somes questions ,maybe anybody can help me :

I have see that there are a multitude of possibility to play retrogames on Kodi /Coreelec
Advanced Mame launcher
I am a littel bit lost with all this and dont know what use :roll_eyes: ,i have see a lot of videos on Youtube about all this…,how to make it work…but now i dont know what is the best to use
What are you using ???
I would play psp games
Nintendo 64 games
PS1 games
I have the roms …

Thanks for helping me

U should at least let us know your box specs
Regardless ur best bet should be install Emuelec directly on Amlogic boxes.

Beelink gt king 2
cpu : t7 A311t2 : 4Cortex-A73@2.08GHz,4Cortex-A53*2.1GHz
gpu :Mali-G52MP8
ram :8GB LPDDR4 @4266Mbps
storage 64gb
as i know (maybe i am wrong ) if i instal emuelec direct on emmc i have no “kodi player” for all movies ,sounds…emuelec is just gaming …
i am coreelec user and hear about emuelec as addon …maybe its not longer suportet ?
maybe its possible to make dual boot ,coreelec on emmc and emuelec on sd card ??
or maybe anything else make the job for emulate somes games that i have in coreelec…

my first emulate experience was a pandora box double stick …with s912,2g ram …
some psp ,n64,dreamcast .it was a gift for my son …2200games inside with some 3d games .games are working very good with this “old” specs
this pandora double stick can also be use as simple double stick panel with windows /usb…maybe it work ,i need to test in coreelec…
,so what is the best to use as coreelec addon for gaming,as i say ,i am a littel bit confused with all this different things how exist for lounch emulators :retroarch …

mmmm, this one is toooo NEW, and based on EMUELEC github page it has not been supported yet, EE just supported S905X4, not your A311D2
And yeah I saw the most recent update for the EE add-on was in 2019, if you fail to run the add-on then maybe you have to wait EE to support your box.

Did you test retroarch-kodi-addon-CoreELEC?

You have different options, but not yet with the GT king 2

With other Amlogic SOCs (S905X4, S922X etc) the options are:

1- You can install EmuElec on the emmc and CoreElec on a uSD, so, your first boot option is CoreElec, where you can use “Reboot to EMMC” to go to EmuELEC.
You can rename “Reboot to EMMC” to “Games” or “EmuElec” or something you like.
That way you can take advantage of the 64gb for your roms, but you lost Android

2- You can install HybridElec from @7Ji , That way you have triple boot CoreElec-EmuElec from uSD and Android from EMMC. I really love that fork and hope he makes an update with CE20+EE4.6

3- You can install EmuElec addon 3.7 (at least in Kodi 19) and then you can update some cores.

This 3 ways are, at least for me, the easiest and the best ways of playing in an android box, plus you have EmulationStation

Now the problem is your SOC, EmuElec, at least for now, doesn´t work on A311D2, so, for now you have no EmulationStation option.
Anyway you have two options:

1- Use the Retroarch addon or stand alone emulator addons for Kodi.

2- You can run CoreElec from a microSD and use the “Reboot to EMMC” to start android where you can install stand alone emulators, retroarch or whatever you want and play your roms. You can use a front end like DIG or Arc Browser where you can have all of them like in EmulationStation

I have an Nvidia Shield TV with ArcBrowser configured and it looks amazing, and I´m sure you can do the same with a little of time, or you can just wait for an EmuElec update

Thank you for the detailled description :ok_hand::beers: i go test this things on s922 box … and look if i found psp emulateur addon for coreelec…

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