S905D Box with internal DVB-S2 Tuner. How to use?

HI. I have a XORO HST 260 S Box running CE 9 with Kodi 18. How can i setup and use the internal TV Tuner?

CE 9? Latest release is 8.95.1 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tvheadend.pdf (8.4 MB)
You need to do quite a bit of reading.

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Internal dvb tuners are supported in CE only for MeCool boxes, Wetek Play 2 and Khadas Vim2.


There are no other brands and models that I already know.

Am I wrong?

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hey afl1 i know u are the “DVB Spezi” for CoreElec… Can u make this Box work if you have the original Android DTB file for it?


otherwise i must send it back :confused:

Send it back and get K1 Pro, we can’t add support for new hardware without having it to hand.

Link? Cant find it on amazon

and what about this one?

The KII Pro is fine. It’s just got DDR3 rather than DDR4 and slower networking so the hardware isn’t as good as the KI Pro, but it works with Coreelec just fine. I have a KI pro and a KII pro and I haven’t noticed any difference, but then I don’t use 4K movies.

cant find the KI Pro…

Plenty on ebay from the uk. Mecool KI pro

and how can i acess the internal Tuner? With the LE Standard driver or must i use Crazy cat? Und can i only use the TV Headend server Addon 4.2 ?

Be aware although that item is on ebay.co.uk it says this:-

Item location:

Shenzhen,Guangdong, China

which means it would be sent from China and subject to all import taxes (Customs & VAT etc).

i want to choose the KII Pro from Amazon Germany… thx

The Coreelec standard drivers work with the KII pro and KI pro. No need to use Crazy Cat. TV Headend sever 4.2 is the one you’d use from the coreelec repository. I think there is some reason why 42. is the latest useable version, but it’s pretty good and works just fine.

Which DTB i have to use for KII PRO ? And is Unicable possible ?

Get the KI Pro, KII is weaker box, there is no HDR, it will struggle to stream high bit rate 4k and only 100mbit Ethernet.

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it dosnt matter to me, this box plays only on a 720p HD Ready TV without HDR…
AND its the same Chipset (S905D) with is able to play 4k 60p HDR. 100MBit is also more than enaugh for streaming. I have a S912 BOX with DDR3 too on a 4k HDR TV and it plays all nice

It’s not the same chipset it is S905 NOT S905D.

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it is the same… READ: https://www.ebay.de/itm/mecool-Kii-Pro-amlogic-S905D-2GB-RAM-16GB-ROM-5-0G-WiFi-Bluetooth-4-1-DVB-T2-S2/282920632838?hash=item41df624206:g:CAkAAOSwlStavVxY

KII PRO has definitivly S905D

and my last BOX the XORO HST 260 S has the S905D also and it plays very nice with 4k HDR and 100MBit

S905D is the only Chipset availabe with interal DVB Tuner also