[S905W] Boot loop on X96 Mini 2g, works with nightly dtb

I installed 9.2 stable on a X96 Mini with suggested dtb (gxl_p281_2g.dtb), the box booted and resized the SD partition correctly, but then it went in a reboot loop after the Coreelec splash screen.
I tried the nightly then, and with the new dtb the device booted fine, so I tried the stable release with the dtb from nightly and the device also booted fine (no loops).
Currently I run 9.2 stable with dtb file from nightly.
I also noticed a (maybe) incorrect load average: uptime reports an average load >7, but with top I see all cpus >80% idle. Iostat reports low iowait (<0.5%). Temperature is critically high though, >60°C in idle with the case open, 85°C when playing movies.
Any ideas?
I’ll help, if necessary, by providing additional details to debug this issue.
Thank you

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