S905x emmc bootloader image (to try to fix large file transfert crash)


I have an Inphic spot-i7-pro s905x running CE ng 9.2.5 from eMMC. The device is not much in use but it performs well and and I will probably give it away (and manage it remote).
Problem is : the box crashes consistently when transferring large files. This prevents updating widevine (which requires ~1GB chromeos recovery file).
I read in another thread that a similar problem got resolved for Le Potato by installing bootloader image with a fix (for problem introduced by a commit from kszaq).
I am not that familiar with u-boot images. Are they specific per aml processor type or per device? Also, I guess CE uses not just any u-boot image (e.g. not just stock). In any case, I wonder, where can I find (or how can I build myself) an alternative bootloader (with fix) that I could try. Maybe it’s just the first 4M of the CE amlogic ng arm 9.2.5 Generic image? But then, I suppose ceemmc would have copied it to eMMC, and that’s precisely the bootloader image with the problem. I apologise for my not so deep knowledge. I tried Matrix beta (from SD) as well and it also suffers from the ‘large file transfert’ crash. Note that this s905x has 100Mbps Ethernet, and I could not get WiFi to work either. Thanks for support.

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