S905x to try to fix large file transfert crash


I have an X96 s905x running CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc2.
Problem is : the box crashes consistently when transferring large files. This prevents updating widevine (which requires ~1GB chromeos recovery file).

This issue was reported by @tasinofan earlier, but no solution was mentioned. I was wondering if a solution might be in the pipeline. S905x emmc bootloader image (to try to fix large file transfert crash) - Help & Support / Installation & Booting - CoreELEC Forums

Tasinofan mentions it could be due to an error in the bootloader, however this is quiet new for me, so I could use some guidance to perform a fix in the bootloader.

My current workaround is restoring a kodi backup where Widevine was already installed.

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I clone the entire addon using rsync from a working s922X to the s905x. It is an ugly hack but it does seem to work. The directories to clone are:

I had the exact issues with the exact box. As a matter of function, I keep a master backup of my preferred setup. I’ve gotten into the habit over the years of creating my backup by using tar over ssh to tar.gz my .kodi folder and transfer it weekly to my NAS.

I reinstall my identical setup to all my boxes, so they’re all functionally identical, all from the command line.

Reason I mention this, is that I noticed when copying and or decompressing my backup to my X96 - S905X (before I pieced together from various scattered forum posts that I needed to update the bootloader), I was getting segmentation faults visible from the command line any time I tried to unzip (or often even transfer) a large archive. This would quickly lock up my box and eventually cause it to reboot.

Sounds to me like this is exactly what you’re experiencing, just without the immediate feedback on the command line.

You’re in luck, I have a copy (copies) of the various iterations of the original X96 Android 6 firmware as a fallback, as well as two different Android 7 or greater roms (with the requisite bootloader) that I’ve installed and tested on my box.

Now all you need is a USB A - Male to Male cable (visual example), you can buy or bodge your own, and the Amlogic USB Burning tool for windows (do some google research)

I can do my best to help you through the process and provide links to the firmwares if you’re keen.
@Valentijn_D Is your box a 1 or 2 GB ram version?

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