[S905X3] X96Air_P3

As I wrote yes, but I am on sick leave quite a long time, so I cannot go outside buy thermal pads/square alluminium stick… :frowning:

Meanwhile, I am testing VIM3L family, which comes with interesting findings. I think I will create “Temperature related” thread, because content is a bit offtopic with VIM3L (although SOC are very simmiliar). And will get back to this one, when I will be cured and will have some more results regarding X96 Air heatsink improvements (DIY for few bucks)…

EDIT: Testing results here

Can you take a pictures inside the box?
I’m thinking to buy some small heatsink like this
what measure you advise use for gpu, cpu and other components?

I already post them in this topic. Dont bother with those Rpi “coolers”, its on the level X96 already have.


I cut piece of aluminium and attach the first heatsink. Pics here:

Idle temperature seems to stop around 38°C after 20min idle, ondemand governor…When playing movies/browsing menu Ive got top 45°C. Thats looks much better for me and box is practically ready for deploy, considering running nightly. At least temperature-wise looks promising (hoping for values similiar to VIM3L+DYI plate@nightly)

I also cut other heatsink, so I have two more pieces for next X96 ordered.

Those temperatures are definitely more acceptable to me too.

A few more pics to show how everything is attached might be useful to others, if available.

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I posted whole album, just click?

Thanks … I did not realise.

Today I cut a hole the size of the label on the underside of the case.
Turned the device upside down.
Edited the vfd.conf file to both reverse the digits and to turn them upside down also, so the time/temp shows correctly with the device upside down.
Playing a UHD Satellite channel into a FHD monitor (as before) the temp maxes out at 65 C.

My intention is to find a heatsink soon to replace that metal plate that is fitted by default in the device with a better cooler, and I am expecting the max temp to drop to 60 C.
That is my aim … to get the temp during this test to 60 C or below.
It appears I am on the way …

Could you please share it? Could be usefull for someone :slight_smile:

Edit vfd.conf as below

To reverse the order of the digits change the line
Note: The first number (4) does not change - it is colon.
The other four are put in in reverse sequence.

.# 0x01 in first position to put display upside down

The exact entries will likely be different for different displays/boxes.

Thanks to @TheCoolest for the information.

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I am getting mine in the mail tomorrow, how do you get temp to show? I was looking at VFD files and none of them mention temp.

You can set it in the Addon configuration in Kodi.

Do you have more pics on how you attached fan and how you are powering it? Did you drill holes?

Fix Bluetooth x96 air next NG? Thank

Not ‘fixed’ yet ---- today’s nightly.
It appears the driver for the BT is present
ls /lib/modules/4.9.113/RTL8822CS-aml/8822cs.ko
but some firmware file is absent?

Hopefully the analog audio out on the A/V socket gets fixed also.

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That is the wifi driver, BT does not require a driver but requires firmware and a binary to inject it and then the system can use it.

Would this be what is required ?

$ ls -l ./rtw88
total 332
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 150984 Jun 17  2019 rtw8822b_fw.bin
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 184640 Jun 17  2019 rtw8822c_fw.bin

Move this to Slack and I will try to help resolve this.


@anon88919003 @JohnBoyz
Seller sent me firm if necessary, I pass link and we can try test version when ready, thank you very much.

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Next days sure test version test.