S912 Subtitles stutter fix 🛠

For users who uses subtitles and ready to test changes:
Please update to latest nightly build, remove you dirty regions settings and test subtitles and all what you use. And don’t forget to report if you have some regression

Note: first subtitle is not fixed(it’s kodi issue), only fixed problem with subtitles stuttering.

P.S.: some neutral or positive comments also can be left to know that somebody tested it :slight_smile:


I’m using S905X for the moment, but I should receive a S912 in a few days and will test this build :slight_smile:

Tested this nightly, works great*, same as your CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0-devel-1551544406 that I tested 7 days ago.
Works without advancedsettings.xml, same as stable version with dirtyregions set to 0 in advancedsettings.xml.
Great job, and if it works for everybody else as it does for me - fantastic job :smiley:

Edit * except for a strange Netflix glitch, the same as in former devel version; after about 10 seconds upon starting the first video Netflix addon crushed. Just waited for background service to start again, started Netflix and all videos after that played without problems.

Also tested using the nightly and seems to work perfectly well.

@Sholander, I think it’s some addon issue… But please collect both kodi and dmesg log right after addon crash…

OK, but since I’m here testing your nightly with a beta version of Netflix addon (plugin.video.netflix_0.14.0beta22) using this only for testing purpose it’ll take me some time. Maybe a stable version (plugin.video.netflix-master_0.13.22) does not have that problem.

Btw, that addon is a constant work in progress, as Netflix keeps constantly changing things

Normally I watch Netflix via my LG TV app.

Just tried CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.0-nightly_20190308 on my H96 Pro+ (S912) box, i removed


from my advancedsettings xml file. I can confirm that the subtitle stutter is gone.

Also, my temps are much lower, similar to what i get by removing the dirtyregions line from the advancedsettings file. So all good :+1:t3: !

Here are all my Logs from temp folder on my test USB.

I see beta2x NF in all crash logs
Please also check when you have a time if it repeated on stable NF version.
If yes, than also please collect log to compare

Just to mention, another peculiarity/difference about your nightly (20190306) on an USB stick, and my daily driver (nightly 20190222) on SD card:
Updated today the same NF version 0.14.0beta21 to new 0.14.0beta22.
On USB stick with nightly 20190306 after update the NF addon installed NEW libwidevinecdm.so.
On SD card with nightly 20190222 after update the NF addon did not install new libwidevinecdm.so.
On both, SD and USB NF works OK, the one with new and the one with old libwidevinecdm.so :slight_smile:

Tested on H96Pro+ S912, works like a charm. Great job!!! This fix should be incorporated in next Coreelec release 9.0.2.

All nightly changes are always include in next release if they don’t cause any regression.

on my H96Pro+ S912 no stuttering appears on my short test :slight_smile: !
Now CE is perfect for 912
Many Thanx

Working on my KM8 Pro S912 box too.
No subtitle stutter (after the intial display) and no other issues so far.

Thanks for the great work :slight_smile:

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it’s time to release the new version asap :slight_smile:

I’ve received a Beelink GT1 Ultimate today, flashed it with the latest nightly, and…absolutly no stutter using subtitles :slight_smile:

Great job, thanks for all.

It works perfectly with my S912 Vorke z6. I removed the advancedsettings.xml

What exactly was changed to make it work?

I look forward to the official version.

Great job!

I would also like to know what was changed in code to fix this issue? Thanks.

@darioml, @Stile, you can always see changes on github:

OpenGL ES binaries were updated (more smooth GUI)
Some workaround for gxm vsync to not break SW decoding like NF and to fix subtitle stutter issue.
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Switched to an Android Box recently, and noticed some microstutters that I started to realize happened with subs enabled. Was told to give this a try. Just installed and will comment after some testing if fixed or not.