[S922X] Bee-link GT King

You have better chances of winning the EuroMillions to be honest … it won’t happen in other words.

Got it. Thanks

I’m sorry if my reply seems a little cold, I just don’t want to give users false hope, I think it’s better to be realistic.

We haven’t got HW decoders for Netflix yet, so the chances you will get DV is nill to none.

Telling people ‘soon’ or ‘maybe’ is just wrong.

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Again you are right. You know the “things” from “inside” and I only have my passion and optimism.
Thanks again for yr excellent work. I am very happy since I met Ce and this forum.:smiley::smiley:

The SoC is licensed by Dolby to play DV in hw. I’m not sure it this works in secure path only. I played a little bit with it a few weeks ago and read some source code. For me it doesn’t look impossible.

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Somebody said LE will never run on S912 because the missing drivers. And then… :slight_smile:
But I got it what Adam says to not give false hope to the users…

If only we could have dolby vision! it would be the perfect box!

No, LPCM passthrough.

This is not the place for N2 discussion, this thread is for Beelink, no more please.

All samples I use for testing are from: https://kodi.wiki/view/Samples

Portisch… sorry for the late reply. was outta town for a bit…

anyways currently its working on both. the sources are still private as the project is not done yet and may be introduced in different manner then CE and LE and till its complete i can’t say for sure yet. Currently its working along with some other S912 based devices on a mainline 5.1 kernel that has some proprietary blobs enabling the graphics stack on bot the S922 and S912’s devices being tested. I won’t know till the projects done and discussions with the funders can take place.

in the meantime i noticed you guys finally got a new custom bootloader happening which is good.

I have used a custom loader for along time now and its great because then you can enable most of the hardware prior to linux coming up making things much easier to get going.

Personally i still think the N2 is better built from a board manufacturing point but still the GT King looks not to bad.

My main focus right now tho is on the Dreambox One as they are really nice and my work on it was kinda why i got asked to look at the GT-King to begin with.

I’ve been following and forked most of the current gits reqarding the move to mainline just to stay up to speed were they are but not really interested at this point in helping Amlogic fix problems they should have fixed themselves along time ago. but my feelings may change down the road, who knows.

On another note: Recently i did clone the CE github and have been messing with the 9.2 branch and trying to add in some support for a number of devices including a beelink project i have got going and once i figure out a few more things about the CE build system may look at trying to upload some stuff. The way they keep changing the build system is hard to keep up on without spending more time then i really want. both CE and LE are a lot more complicated these days then when they forked from OE and i use a different build system.

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@anon88919003 have you done significant progress on porting CE to the GT King since last week?

@broleke we are working on a trouble free method for users to be able to flash our custom bootloader.

Most things are working but without our custom bootloader then you are left in the same situation as with other older generic Chinese devices with no working CEC/WoL/Sleep/Wakeup etc…

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thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

good to know that progress are made.
could you explain why the custom bootloader help with those features ? is it not the kernel job to handle this ?

Bootloader comes before the KERNEL is loaded and initiates various hardware so that the kernel can spot them. Its a bit like a BIOS.


thanks, I wasn’t aware of this.

Is it safe to already order a Beelink King GT, meaning an easy way to install coreelec is almost guaranteed? Or should I wait until it is done?

It’s not ready yet.

So I have now created an image that can be flashed to a USB stick or SD-card which will flash the bootloader on the Beelink device with our custom one, it’s completely n00b proof, following this users will be able to burn/run our normal CoreELEC image as usual.

We didn’t want to rely on autoscript which is what is used to boot CoreELEC on older devices and instead we wanted to be able to use cfgload on this device which is what we use on SBC’s like the N2.


I am ready to test it!

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