[S922X] Bee-link GT King

How can i check if my box has this problem or not?

You can measure the ethernet speed with iperf3.
Available in entware or in a network tool addon.

Just to let you know that streaming of 4:2:2 signal (full_hd) from satellite receiver works pretty well. I am currently testing 35 Mbit/s stream from satellite receiver towards GT King and with hw accelaration off, which gives the best results. There are a small problems with smoothness (frameskipping) when there are quick scenes (for example the ball in football and players which are quickly moving), all the rest seems ok. Hopefully this be somehow fixed in the future, if possible.
CPU is on 3/4, memory between 15-20%, GPU temp rather high between 83 and 88 C.

According to the failure, I expect that the packets are received by the PHY & sent to the MAC, but the MAC receives erratic data, scraps & requests retransmission of the Ethernet frame, resulting in low bandwith…

Would be helpful to see the output of a tool which can detect statistics/BER on Ethernet frame level.
e.g. ifconfig eth0 or netstat -i

88C means that the CPU is most likely throttling like hell, which results in very low performance and skipped frames.

To all users what where applying the bl301 bootloader blob injection:
Please make again with the last nightly (0814) again a injection by running the tool inject_bl301 to enable auto update of the bl301 blob.

More information:

nightly 0813, ethernet on android and coreelec now works on my GT K. and for others like dolby atmos dts hd master, 4K hdr also works. thanks

if coreelec makes its own skin, it might be cooler. is it possible ?

Yes, it’s possible. Technically.
But none of us have any experience designing skins. A good skin design is not an easy task, and it can take a very long time. Not even taking into account the necessary skills for good design and working on Kodi skins.

I’ve been thinking about it but it would take a lot of time, maybe I’ll start it once.

is hevc-hw acceleration now available ?

Yes, HW hevc was fixed long time ago… up to 8K30Hz

nice to hear… long time? u mean 1-2 months ?

i want to say u guys do a real great Job on CE, love this

PS: the new CE Bootlogo is p0rno xD

It was fixed July 6th

do all GT King´s have S922X revB ?

All the ones received, yes.

Edit: But there are revA GT king boxes.

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what is the max sd card speed class GT King work with to achieve highes speed?

And is “installtointernal” possile ?

I request installtointernal option too, please.

You can make poll about this.


This has been discussed in length already. Not planned.

Not happening, if you want internal install then buy an SBC.