[S922X] X88 King

Do I just not have the + - volume keys working? After turning off the X88 king, USB does not work, so you cannot turn it on with an additional remote control :frowning:

the volume keys look a bit like they’re on both sides of the remote. Usb does work with 9.2.2. Here’s the repo for the remote.conf.

The volume buttons on the right hand side of the remote, are for learning key presses from your tv.

ok thank you, i had a bad remote conf


I enjoyed only 5 min. The buttons work until I enter any submenu from that moment they do not work and I have no idea where the error lies

maybe remove the remotesample file from /configfiles , or update your ce version.

unfortunately no result

empty batteries?

what batteries After all, the remote control works and only the volume control does not work

@artpaw seems you were right about the x88 king and the remote not working. It seems when you press the ‘back’ button (0x00) once it goes into another remote mode and that causes the rest of the buttons to stop working. If you press the ‘back’ button for a second time, it starts working again. It’s switching between remote mode and normal mode for some reason.remote.conf (4.4 KB)

The error wasn’t there before the update of the meson package.

@ mark1978 agrees that the problem you are describing is occurring but is not bothersome. The volume keys are still not working. For now, I have programmed the additional keys in the original remote controls that control the TV, but this is a worse solution

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@artpaw on my x88 king with newest nightly firmware the volume does work. The little round volume icon is showing up.

I also had it for a while on 9.2.2 after loading remote.con from the previous link which you provided. After some time it stopped working and I even loaded the system for the second time and without any effect. I will check the night firmware tomorrow and let you know

the fault lies somewhere on the side of my tv box. After subsequent reboots of 8/10, something blocks the ability to control the volume and so far I have not fooled about the problem

maybe it’s some other device picking up the signal from the remote. I could put the volume buttons under nummeric buttons instead. Like ‘7’ is volume down and ‘9’ is volume up.remote.conf (4.4 KB)

if I turn cec off then the volume keys work but I lose the ability to wake up the box. It turns out that this is not the fault of the remote conf but the cec adapter

I have the same problem, when I try to debug and repeatedly press the back key, I see in the log;

<6>[524577.073892@0] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: remote control[ID: 0xef10] switch to mouse mode
<6>[524578.266290@0] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: remote control[ID: 0xef10] switch to normal mode

Also when I press the ‘mouse mode’ key on the remote I see;

<3>[524812.314838@0] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: scancode 90 undefined
<3>[524812.314845@0] meson-remote ff808040.meson-remote: no valid key to handle

I do not at this moment have enough knowledge to remap the back key away from ‘mouse mode’ switching. However it looks like the back key is now mapped to two operations; mouse mode switching and also the back key itself, as both work.

Perhaps it has something to do that the back key has an id of 0x00, perhaps the 0x00 is a magic number?!

could just put the back key on another button, like the mouse button.remote.conf (4.4 KB)

and this cec goes somehow to fix

The reason I am trying to get the flimsy X88 remote controller to work is that CEC stops working every time after I switch off and on my LG 55C7. I have to restart kodi to get cec back working again. Any idea how to debug this cec problem?

Hi, i have very new x88 king (4gb ram) with last firmware (X88King_20200424-0910) for this box from april 2020 direct from producer. I have problem with dhcp also in android, but going manual IP. In last stable build coreelec 9.2.3 (same issue in 9.2.2) i have issue with dhcp and also with manual ip. Only wireless is going for now. I send now only dtb: dtb (256 KB)