Samba password protected shares

I’m trying to create a password protected samba share via SSH but some commands are missing in coreelec like groupadd, useradd.
How can I do that?

Do it from settings…

I need to do this via ssh

You can’t add user into coreelec. But you can edit samba.conf file with terminal :wink:
Why don’t you use coreelec settings ?

No way! :man_facepalming:

Care explaining why not?

That was a joke. He’s kind of guy who suggests you to open the hood when you asked about how to fix the engine…

In order to create a password protected samba share I need to create a samba group&user for it.
That’s the problem.
Use coreelec settings is not an option because the box is used as a tvheadend server and accessible only via SSH.

Ok that makes more sense now.

This and this should do the trick I believe.

CoreELEC:~ # ls -al /opt/etc/passwd
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root           336 Dec 20 23:33 /opt/etc/passwd
CoreELEC:~ # smbpasswd -a smbuser
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Failed to add entry for user smbuser.


Samba is not used from entware but it is part of CE and it uses file /etc/passwd which is readonly.

Can I disable the built-in samba and install another from entware?

Disable samba in CoreELEC settings addon under services.

I’m not using Kodi. The box serves as a tvheadend server on the LAN.
Should I disable it from systemd?

Finally solved. Writing here the steps in case someone else needs it.
source: shared folders - password protected samba share - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

  1. First stop the built-in samba server
    # systemctl stop smbd

  2. install samba4 from entware
    # opkg update && opkg install samba4-server

  3. modify /storage/.config/system.d/smbd.service like below (modify required paths to /storage/.opt/ only)

Description=Samba SMB Daemon nmbd.service nmbd.service

ExecStart=/storage/.opt/sbin/smbd --configfile=/storage/.config/samba.conf
ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID

  1. edit /storage/.config/samba.conf and create a share
[Private Share]

path=[give here the path to the folder to be shared]
force user = smbuser
force group = smbgroup
create mask = 0664
force create mode = 0664
directory mask = 0775
force directory mode = 0775
writable = yes
  1. Create a system group. I chose smbgroup
    # addgroup --system smbgroup

  2. create a user smbuser, in smbgroup but do not create a home directory, and also deny the ability to log in to the system
    # adduser -S -H -G smbgroup -s /bin/false smbuser

  3. Change the ownership of folder to be shared.
    # chown -R smbuser:smbuser [folder path]

  4. Give write access
    # chmod -R g+w [folder path]

  5. Add samba password to smbuser.

# smbpasswd -a smbuser
New SMB password:[password]
Retype new SMB password:[password]
  1. Now restart smbd.
    # systemctl restart smbd

Other factors need to be considered for using samba on entware, especially for long term usage.
The most prominent one I found so far is entware has independent setting for folders like /var and /tmp, and if you use them by default they write to your TF card (if CE is running on TF) or internal emmc (if installed internally). Just make a system script and point those folders to CE’s tmpfs instead to reduce wearing.

   ln -s /tmp/temp /storage/.kodi/
   ln -s /tmp/ /storage/.opt/
   ln -s /var/ /storage/.opt/

Doesn’t samba sever in entware has own start scripts? And you should disable samba completely

systemctl mask smbd

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