SAT>IP settings for DIGIBIT R1 and tvheadend

If you follow my topics you will see that I use the Zerotier VPN network without problems. Well, I was able to link a SATIP server based on minisatip located in another remote home network, with tvheadend within CoreELEC, located in the main home network. Evidently tvheadend does not see the remote SATIP server so it is necessary to add to the tvheadend service activation command line the following:

For a minisatip server:
--satip_xml http://<remote_satip_server>:<port>/desc.xml

Example: --satip_xml, where is the IP address of the SATIP server in the remote home network connected and routed via zerotier, and 9999 is the default port of the minisatip server integrated in the CoreELEC addon.

For the DIGIBIT R1 server:
--satip_xml http://<remote_satip_server>:8080/desc.xml

but this will only work within the same home network because DIGIBIT R1 cannot be integrated into the zerotier network.

I don’t know the case of DIGIBIT TWIN but if tvheadend doesn’t see it then you can also use the --satip option.