Searching CoreELEC for X96 2GB / Kodi 18 with DVB driver

Find CoreELEC / Kodi 18 with DVB drivers
Hello and good morning
I noticed on the official Coreelec page that a lot has changed in the download area, especially in the area of older TV boxes. I’m looking for an older CoreELEC img for my X96 2gb. with TV or dvb drivers KODI 18! I would be very happy about a link to the version described and just like that,
a ling that shows, as before, which dtb file is the right one for my device.
Thank you in advance, regards Tom

Excuse my English, I’m writing from Germany

here Coreelec 9.2.8 & Kodi 18 and Support your box

for install

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danke erst mal ,
gibt es keine liste der dtb Dateien …welche Datei für welches Gerät ??

thanks first of all ,
there is no list of dtb files … which file for which device ??

Can you photograph the device?
We want to check the device name and processor version

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