Sharing Internal Storage

And I find moving and symlinking particular folders from SD to eMMC
much more convenient. :wink:

Maybe you can share some info on how you are doing that, and submit it as a separate HowTo? :+1:

  1. Mount the eMMc. And don’t forget to mount it at every boot (via, for example).
  2. Create on eMMc the desired folder.
  3. Move from removable storage (SD/TF/USB) the content of the folder, which you want to relocate to eMMc, to the created in the previous point folder.
  4. Make a symbolic link on the removable storage folder, pointing to the created (and already containing moved data) folder on the eMMc.
  5. Test the respective application and eventually - enjoy.

That’s it.

Not a great deal of HowTo really. Perhaps a little more how might help those that don’t know (those that do, wouldn’t be reading this :wink:)

How do you mount the eMMc? My MS8 Pro+ box doesn’t see any (blkid), only the two partitions on the CD card.

Hi,I have this setup working with LE8.2 and would like to upgrade to 8.9, I would love to just plonk the tar file in the update folder but I ma guessing I will have problems as the data partition name has changed from LIBREELEC disk to STORAGE, what is the easiest and safest way to update to 8.9, whilst keeping the boot from SD CARD, data on internal storage option… Thanks

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