Sharing Internal Storage


And I find moving and symlinking particular folders from SD to eMMC
much more convenient. :wink:

How to boot from SD/USB using internal storage for data

Maybe you can share some info on how you are doing that, and submit it as a separate HowTo? :+1:

  1. Mount the eMMc. And don’t forget to mount it at every boot (via, for example).
  2. Create on eMMc the desired folder.
  3. Move from removable storage (SD/TF/USB) the content of the folder, which you want to relocate to eMMc, to the created in the previous point folder.
  4. Make a symbolic link on the removable storage folder, pointing to the created (and already containing moved data) folder on the eMMc.
  5. Test the respective application and eventually - enjoy.

That’s it.


Not a great deal of HowTo really. Perhaps a little more how might help those that don’t know (those that do, wouldn’t be reading this :wink:)


How do you mount the eMMc? My MS8 Pro+ box doesn’t see any (blkid), only the two partitions on the CD card.