I had a problem getting to the stream information, the tvbox I use GTMINI-A does not have a remote control kit that offers all the amenities

I decided to modify the skin a bit with an additional button in pvr and vodeo player and add colorful TV genres


git: colored genres

everyone has to make their own colors

Folder location [skin.estuary/media/epg-genres]

sample ad / Movies.png , Western.png etc…

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Added support for record live channel (pvr.archive) addons by “primaeval” my little modification

more info:



I have had a play with this.

I can only get sports to show up. I think the problem, in my english pvr it shows genres as two words, ie Leisure/Hobbies I have tried renaming using / - _ * in the epg folder but have had no luck so.

are you talking about the colors of the genres?


in the same color

I tried renaming the png files in the media folder to Leisure & Hobbies as separate pngs.

I might have another go later.

what .ini file are you using for webgrab ++