Skins not working

Skins not working disabled in nightly build 20231214

Seeing the same. Specifically AH2. Disabled saying it isn’t compatible. Rolled back to 20231213 for now.

Go to the addon folder, search your skin subfolder , there is the addon.xml. Open an editor, find version number:
import addon=“xbmc.gui” version=“5.16.0”

write to 5.17.0


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Also how do I get back all the skins in get more as they all gone apart from 2

Where can I download 20231213?

You can see the message in the top. The skinners have to change the version. The nightlies are now in Beta 2 of omega.

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hi what is is the NO version ? in nighlty builds

and has nothing to do with skins :roll_eyes:

Worked perfectly for AH2, thank you for the workaround!

It worked for me to

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