Sky Q IR Remote - Possible?

Has anybody had any luck setting Coreelec up with the Sky Q IR remote?

I have tried to follow the guide but none of the input appear to be registered.

From doing some reading the Sky Q remote uses RC6 but it does n

Not sure if there helps of not but found a SkyQ LIRC config file for Linux but not sure what to do with it!
SKYQ LIRC config file – Cymplecy (Simplesi)

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks


Maybe could try notepad ++
Or other text edit

Open up file in notepad ++
Save as

Create CONFFile

Maybe will work

Check here and here, see if you can get it going that way.

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Thanks for the guides

Finally got around to trying out the different guides but alas, nothing… Going to assume it’s not compatible.

Tested the remote with the camera trick so the remote is working, just nothing is registered when testing it.

Seems it is a different protocol - RC6-6-28 - anybody know if this supported or am I wasting my time?

JP1 Remotes :: View topic - Sky Q Box (RC6-6-28) (

Try the ir-keytable -u option. When IRMP can decode it it’s maybe possible:

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