Slow down of

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Sry for my stupid question, is there now a workaround for slowdowns?
Is there somewhere a how to?
Just updaded to 9.0.1 nothing changed :frowning:
Use S905x with arduino leonardo and 4k mkv (lokal and nas)

This is not in 9.0.1. You need a nightly

Somewhere a instruction how to do it?

With Hyperion Version 100.3 everything is working fine (led´s start working on every reboot (10 times out of 10)). Thank you so much @Portisch!

May I use on nightly 9.0 Hyperion.NG (or I must use
I use amlogic grabber.Slow down of

Yes use the latest.

S905 CE Nightly 9.0 with Hyperion.NG over wifi esp8266 with led strip ws2812b. No slowdowns, but lot of led turn offs. (full blank)

The command is needed every day? (nightly is forced autoupdate)
mount -o rw,remount /flash && fdtput -t i /flash/dtb.img /amvideocap max_size 64 && sync && reboot

How to disable hyperion when video is not playing? In my case the leds are full time on. In hyperion (not ng) there was an option to disable leds in menu.

I use the black screensaver, so if i don’t use the tv box in 3 minutes the screensaver puts the screen in black and the leds turn off, I have my box full time on but only have ambiligjt when I use it.

How was the feature looking? What option was it in Hyperion?
And when it got disabled? When OSD in front, background video playing?
Or only if no video is playing?

In “standard” hyperion there is a feature called Kodichecker, where you can choose when to turn on or off the ambilight, during video playback, kodi ui, playing music, showing pictures, in pause, with 3d, etc…

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Can you please correct this warnings please?

I know these warnings, but as they where already in the source before I changed something I did not fix it. When I get more time I can take a look. There is also another patch what I still need to PR!

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@Portisch, good day :slight_smile: Do you know is there any chance to get Hyperion working with S905X2-powered device (CoreElec NG)? For now, it fails with grabber device 'amvideocap0' for type amlogic not found :frowning: Thank you!

I guess this is a dtb error, I guess @anon88919003 can fix it. There is no difference on S922X for this driver.

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Thanks for the info, posted this question in the S905x2-related thread.

hi, I’m thinking of setting up ambilight on the s912 device but reading this thread I’m not sure if all the slow down issues have been fixed? Will I be able to use ambilight on the s912 device when watching a 4k hdr movie without problems?