Slow down of


It’s a well known bug of Amcap, not Hyperion. Also, Hyperion don’t cause really high CPU usage, so i doubt it is related somehow. In sum, it’s about amlogic kernel, so it’s about CoreElec either (in some manner).


I also experienced this bug. I moved from libreelec and had no such problems in the past. Now every 15-20 minutes video is jeryky until I stop and play again.
Is there any hope for fix?


For amlogic - external grabber the only one option. But it’s also broken in recent builds :frowning:


Why the issue was not with LibreElec?


It was. At least since i’m familiar with xElec and AML TV-boxes (about two and a half years).
I’ve been testing all compatible SOCs (905/905x/905d/912) at 8 different boxes - no luck. But I haven’t tested any “developer’s” board, so situation may be differ there…


All amlogic boards are running older kernel.
I have a odroid C2 and the bug is on this developer board too.

If AML is going mainline like rpi and intel it wil working fine.

I have a rpi3b+ and intel nu7i5bnh both running hyperion fine no slowdowns etc.


Isn’t armbian using mainline kernel now?


Mainline will not change anything. This has to be implemented properly. This all comes down to someone really wanting it bad and just fixing it.


In my Ambilight time with Hyperion, i have the same error. The strange think was, if i use Boblight, all movies run fine.


Does fire effect work for any of You?


With boblight runs fine? No slowdowns?

What I need to use boblight? New sketch, boblight addon and config file and anything else?

In past I remember that boblight need a “control addon” and it needs the that libreelec doesn’t has, at least in past…

Can you detail the process to migrate from hyperion to boblight?



It’s about one year ago. And there was no migrate from hyperion to boblight. I have use a tool for boblight to configure and the tool has make a config for boblight. And i have install boblight via libreelec and thats run very fine.


I found boblight config maker and I’ve created my config file, changed the sketch of arduino with another for boblight, installed boblight addon and kodi boblight control addon. The leds turn white and then off, so the sketch is runing fine, but doesn’t run in kodi movies, livetv, etc…


Have you take the correct output device, the correct type and Baudrate? And what sketch did you take?
I think, my sketch runs with boblight and hyperion.


I changed the sketch because I don’t know if the other will work or not…

Output I have selected dev/ttyusb0, same as hyperion.

Baudrate set to 500000 in sketch and config file