Slow down of


I don’t know how they grab the frames. I will take a look.
The qbuf skip is also happening when open the OSD while playing a video.
It is more a error with “pts” and “codec”.

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There is the next test [S912] image (based on 8.99.2).
Please keep testing…

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Please make S905 image for testing


Thank you for all the hard work, gonna test right now.
Hyperion settings:

Type: amlogic
Device: /dev/amvideocap0


Unfortunately slow down again after 14 minutes of watching Bohemian Rapsody Bonus concert 2160p hevc


This is h265, isn’t it? I have done just changes to h264. I still got no slow down yet on 1080i or 720p live TV. I will do a S905 image tomorrow.


Yes, this is h265. Just also faced slow downs with 4K h264 video. Will test tomorrow with 1080p h264 files. Dont watch live tv


I also never tested 4k material. Maybe the slow downs are then related bro high CPU usage.?

Here is the S905 Image with the same changes like the S912 above.


Hw is not capable for h265 4K and hyperion this is a known limitation.


Why is that? 4K H265 remuxes are working fine with on my S912


Slow down are imo not codec related.


It is in S905 and S912. AML uses Framebuffer compression for h265
You can control it with sysfs double_write_mode but it will cause drop Frames. The only solution I heard of is to overclock dram which is possible on Odroid C2.


I believe that you taking about another issue, which is not directly related to the problem discussed here.


I’ve tested it long time ago, CPU usage spikes didn’t coincide with slow down appearances.


OK :slight_smile:


I still have slow downs with 720p live tv, every ~30min.


I also have seen some slow downs. I upgraded also to the latest commit but no change. The problem is it looks like it can’t be reproduced. And every time waiting if it happens or not does not lead to a solution.

I will try to record the live stream until a slow down happen. Maybe when playing the record it happen again!? Somebody do have some experience and a idea how to reproduce it?


Please let me know if i can help, dont have Linux knowledge


As far as i can observe, it is completely unsystematic :frowning:


Yeah, you can’t systematically reproduce it. It’s random. You can’t just rewind to the same second of the video as it most likely won’t happen again. Has anyone tried checking Kodi logs when slowdowns happen?