[SOLVED] Le potato mmc

Need help installing CoreElec on mmc for le potato??

Could you elaborate more? exactly what you need help with…

I have android on mmc and would like to erase android+install CoreElec on it.

Refer to the following guide How to install CoreELEC to eMMC on LePotato

Thanks for help.

I have problem freezing le potato with latest Coreelec 8.95.7. Tryed on mmc and fresh install on sd card with same freezing after watching half movie from usb hard disk, or from internal memory. So i am reverted to 8.95.6 and now everything work fine.

I just ordered the Le Potato with a new blank eMMC. Is the method described in the How To still the best way to proceed with installation? Including using the nightly? And I hope that updating the nightly works the “old fashioned” way?

Yes. Use guide to install.

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Discovered that the eMMC card I ordered didn’t fit. Hardkernel 5.1 is not compatible with Libre’s 5.x at all. (Doesn’t come close to fitting.)
So, I’ve ordered an eMMC from Libre.
I’m running CoreELEC on the Le Potato from an SD card. Has some oddities but runs fine enough.
Is the best way to install it to eMMC, by running a backup to USB stick of the current install then to set up another SD card and with a new install following the Guide. Then restoring the backup? Or is there another, simpler method I’m not seeing or figuring out?

Just copy from sd to mmc with guide. No need for fresh install.

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There is an installtoemmc command, that will transfer everything to the eMMC.
But make a backup of the SD just in case.

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Got the emmc from Libre and it fit!!
Used the lepotatotoemmc script to install and it was remarkably painless. Everything is as before only smoother and snappier.
Very, very pleased. Thanks.

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