[SOLVED] N2 jumbled audio through receiver?

I’m pulling my hair out. Audio is fine hooked up to two different TV’s. Tried in my living room with a Denon x1400 and it sounds like slow motion audio.

This is with passthrough enabled or not. When I switch over to Android I get passthrough working just fine. So it’s not hardware.

I set up Kodi just like I do on my Htpc and Shield, which are both hooked up to this receiver and working fine. Also tried multiple high speed HDMI cords.

Setting audio to 2.0 gives me sound, but its not in 5.1 and I do not get passthrough.

It’s been mentioned countless times now that 4.9 kernel doesn’t currently have LPCM (or multichannel PCM) support.
You need to keep channels at 2.0, and for passthrough it’ll work just fine.
If you want to passthrough AAC or FLAC, you’ll have to turn on the AC3 transcoding option in the Passthrough section.

I understand, I wasn’t trying to send PCM, it was DTS, Dolby, and DTS-MA, and I think TrueHD, nothing worked.

I will try it again and make sure the ac3 encoding is not on. I didn’t notice it.

What audio setting is best. Optimized, fixed or (can’t remember the third.

I still can’t get passthrough with 2.0 set. The receiver shows it’s only getting two channels.

Not sure what I could be missing.

Sync playback to display should be off in video settings.
Switch to expert mode and check your passthrough settings too.

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Thank You!!!

It was the sync playback setting. Man that’s been frustrating me. Thank you for the quick response.

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I know you have this sorted now but could you possibly list your audio settings for me as I’m in the same boat with my Sony AVR and TV?

Yeah off the top of my head. The audio device is HDMI, channels set to 2.0. I believe I have the audio setting to “best match”. (can’t remember what this is called.)

But the culprit was the setting “sync to display” which is actually a video setting. I believe its in system->video, if not its under the player setting.

This was causing all sorts or weird sounds (sounded like dinosaurs lol) but turning that off solved it all.

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I have a Sony AVR, model STR-DH790 with an N2 running CE 9.0.3. I have sound settings at the default on CE except I enabled passthru for all the audio stream types. Worked out of the box like that with no issues.

Yes duh I have passthrough on for all codecs as well. Forgot to mention that.

Thanks. Could you try playing this one please https://4ksamples.com/elysium-4k-trailer/ and the 4k lossless one here http://thedigitaltheater.com/star-wars-episode-ix-2019/? And if you have time, can you advise if this one switches to 4k on your TV as mine does not.

I’d be happy to do that for you but I don’t have a 4k TV. I’ve actually upgraded all my home theater equipment with new stuff recently except the TV. It’s a really nice older TV, big and expensive so I’m not anxious to replace it. One thing holding me back is most of my library content is 1080p. Honestly I don’t have really sharp vision, getting up there in age so I can’t really tell the difference anyway. My hearing is still sharp though so I can tell the difference in audio equipment.

You think that you miss much without 4k TV ? Watch this for another view on the subject :slight_smile:

Resolution isn’t really the main benefit in uhd content, it’s HDR that presents a major improvement in image quality.

A big chunk of my HDR collection is actually 1080p. I only try to keep true 4K releases in 4K.

Oh I’ll get a new TV at some point, just not tomorrow. That will probably be a new can of worms for me. In any case I’ll get into the HDR business when I get a new one if that’s what makes the difference. Unless I get a really, really big TV I don’t think the resolution will help me much.

Never thought about the resolution of the human eye. The retina does have pixels in a sense. I actually had above average vision in my younger years (better than 20/20), but it’s fallen below that now. Even with glasses I can’t make 20/20 anymore. I can say it really sucks to have super sharp vision most of your life and lose it with age.

Sorry, should have asked first. The LG Chess UHD HDR clip is amazing on a 4k TV. The TV detects the HDR and switches to a special HDR mode (not via my Sony AVR though) and the picture just pops. Looks like an OLED the picture is so incredible. I have it mostly working now with a stock install of 20190913. Still have issues passing this UHD HDR stuff through my AVR though so for now, have the N2 connected direct to TV.

Try to enable the 4:2:2 option in CoreELEC settings.

Thanks. Did a lot of research today and discovered that my Sony STR-DN1060 does not support HDR passthrough so there is my problem. One port supports 4k passthrough under HDMI 2.0 but not 2.0a/b with not much hope of a firmware update to fix. So for now, I’ll have to connect my N2 direct to my TV with DTS-HD off and use the ARC for audio back to my AVR. Seems like the best workaround at the mo.