[SOLVED] PCM multichannel (LPCM?) with N2

Keep in mind that it’s summer and people are on vacation and generally spending more time with family and friends than usual. So LPCM support is going to take some time, probably weeks. The solution in the meantime is to choose 2.0 as channels and enable AC-3 transcoding

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Even if it’s months, would be nice to have it !

Nice holydays to everyone.

Is there any update on a fix for multichannel PCM (FLAC) support in CoreElec in current Linux 4.9 builds?

Nothing yet.

I remember reading somewhere (thought it was here) that multi channel PCM is not an option. Anyone know if that is planned to be fixed?



I’ll test tomorrow’s build (or is that in the one building now?)

Building now.

What is the situation on S905x devices? Maybe my crackling problems on multichannel FLAC are related?

Related to what? I’m not aware of issues with LPCM support on 3.14 kernel. Support for it was completely missing in 4.9, now it’s there.

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@HeresJohnny, open a new thread if you are having issues with FLAC and S905X as you are commenting in a N2 (S922X) thread… And if you open a new thread, please give us some more information about your setup, both hardware and software, mediainfo of the sample(s) etc.

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I can confirm the LPCM multichannel fix is working with latest build on my N2.

Thanks to all involved in the fix!

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Amazing news!
Will this be released as part of 9.2.1, and do we know when?
Between this and HDR10+ falling back to HDR10, I’d love to update all my devices.

Amazing News…Thanks very much !!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There`s already a thread I made but only one person has taken notice so far…

It’s in the latest nightly already.

Yes, I meant is it expected to be in an official release any time soon? I don’t mind installing a nightly for testing, but I don’t want to have all of my boxes running nightlies on a regular basis.

It’s expected to be in the stable release, but we don’t have an ETA for it right now.

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This is huge… Cross fingers, congratulations and thanks guys. (Waiting for my VIM3L so now 4.9 news are also related to me :slight_smile:

Just did some testing with high res 5.1 flac files. Worked great and the properly sent to my receiver as 96khz.