[SOLVED] PCM multichannel (LPCM?) with N2


i’m struggling a bit to find the right place for asking news about PCM multichannel through HDMI. The subject is discussed in several posts. I’m the new owner of Odroid N2. Let me rephrase what i’m “hoping” :

With my Sony player BDP-S550 and a AVR Denon 4306, i’m able to let the Sony deal with some 7.1 formats (not the newer ones like atmos or higher) that my AVR does not know. HDMI 1 is enough for that, it works fine and it is lossless as far as i know. The AVR displays “M-PCM”. I’d like to do the same and more with the N2…

I guess all people talking about LPCM are waiting for the same ? Any idea if/when this could implemented ? Need people to test ? I read somewhere it was a linux issue ?

Cherry on the cake would be to be able to transcode newer formats like atmos(not lossless) to something LPCM friendly. As far as i understand, it is not possible to do it lossless because of bandwith limitations with old hdmi. Never saw any hardware (high end new bluray players) doing it except for old 7.1 formats.


The N2 can bitstream all formats, DTS, DD and the HD variants, including Atmos and DTS:X.
For multichannel formats like AAC or FLAC, which cannot be bitstreamed, you need LPCM support. In the 4.9 kernel, which is used by the N2, LPCM support is not implemented, so it won’t work.
If you can live with some quality loss with those specific formats, there’s a workaround for it. You need to set number of channels to 2.0 and then enable the AC3 transcode option in the Passthrough section.

Hello The coolest.

Thanks for your reply.

Bistream is fine for up to date AVRs. I’m looking for PCM multichannel, this is a solid solution i’m already able to use with my bluray player (not for atmos and dts x of course). I’d like to use it with Core elec. I have a DENON 7.1 channels which is high-end but old fashioned (4306)
A friend of mine thought it was supposed to be done sooner or later for this 4.9 kernel…There is no plan to implement it according to you ? I was mainly interested to know if the subject was currently being worked or at least considered ?


It is being examined by a team member, I’m not sure how much progress he was able to make on this front, though. @afl1

Sounds nice. Would be happy to test if it helps.


Please make CoreElec enable to play PCM Multichannel…Thanks for your work…

Hi Viking…hopefully we’ll have some news sooner or later. I’ve sent a message to afl1.

Wait and see and thanks to the team

Keep in mind that it’s summer and people are on vacation and generally spending more time with family and friends than usual. So LPCM support is going to take some time, probably weeks. The solution in the meantime is to choose 2.0 as channels and enable AC-3 transcoding

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Even if it’s months, would be nice to have it !

Nice holydays to everyone.

Is there any update on a fix for multichannel PCM (FLAC) support in CoreElec in current Linux 4.9 builds?

Nothing yet.

I remember reading somewhere (thought it was here) that multi channel PCM is not an option. Anyone know if that is planned to be fixed?



I’ll test tomorrow’s build (or is that in the one building now?)

Building now.

What is the situation on S905x devices? Maybe my crackling problems on multichannel FLAC are related?

Related to what? I’m not aware of issues with LPCM support on 3.14 kernel. Support for it was completely missing in 4.9, now it’s there.

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@HeresJohnny, open a new thread if you are having issues with FLAC and S905X as you are commenting in a N2 (S922X) thread… And if you open a new thread, please give us some more information about your setup, both hardware and software, mediainfo of the sample(s) etc.

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I can confirm the LPCM multichannel fix is working with latest build on my N2.

Thanks to all involved in the fix!

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Amazing news!
Will this be released as part of 9.2.1, and do we know when?
Between this and HDR10+ falling back to HDR10, I’d love to update all my devices.