[SOLVED] PCM multichannel (LPCM?) with N2

Amazing News…Thanks very much !!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There`s already a thread I made but only one person has taken notice so far…

It’s in the latest nightly already.

Yes, I meant is it expected to be in an official release any time soon? I don’t mind installing a nightly for testing, but I don’t want to have all of my boxes running nightlies on a regular basis.

It’s expected to be in the stable release, but we don’t have an ETA for it right now.

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This is huge… Cross fingers, congratulations and thanks guys. (Waiting for my VIM3L so now 4.9 news are also related to me :slight_smile:

Just did some testing with high res 5.1 flac files. Worked great and the properly sent to my receiver as 96khz.

Has anyone been able to confirm this works with generic S905X2? When I tried, it was as if it was slowed down twice or so, and very quiet (obviously that’s not working).

Have you selected the correct audio device for LPCM?

Check “Sync Playback to Display” in video settings and make sure it turned off.

Hi @TheCoolest, @Pelican, sorry for the late reply - didn’t get notified about your replies :confused:

Yes to both, I have the “AUGESOUND HDMI” output selected (and bitstream passthrough works just fine, as does high resolution stereo) and “Sync Playback to Display” disabled.

When I select more than 2.0 as my speaker setup, the receiver still gets the multichannel LPCM audio (from e.g. multichannel FLACs) as stereo, and slowed down at least twice.

Hello team, Thecoolest and everyone,

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the original post is over a year ago but still useful. Lots of changes have been done and thanks for that.

That said i’d like to report that i have issues in 7.1 LPCM. I still have an odroid N2 (fresh install and up to date 12 may 2021) and a DENON AVR 4306. This AVR is HDMI1 only.

I have no sound with the rear surround speakers in 7.1. Passtrough is enabled but EAC3 and DTS hd formats are disabled to use PCM multichannel (the AVR4306 is too old for hd formats)

I’m using sound check/speakers assignment demos from dolby (true-hd) and DTS (dts-hd). As for the dolby demo, no sound with the rear speakers. It is the same with the DTS demo (no sound with the rears) but if i use the CORE DTS option (which disables PCM) the sound is played twice with the side surround speakers (once for the side speakers which is ok and then another time instead of the rear speakers)
A friend of mine has a newer AVR (Pioneer). We disabled passtrough on his odroid to test LPCM and it was fine with all speakers. So i guess this is related to my generation of AVR ?

I can see that work is in progress as for LPCM but it seems to be mainly for DTS codec with some AVRs?
I’d like to know if some people with my kind of AVR do have issues too ? Maybe this is an AVR setup issue ?
Or can i provide information to troubleshoot ?I’ll try to explain better if i’m not clear

PS : i do know all my speakers are fine thanks to a built in test within the AVR.


Not sure what to tell you, but with my setup, L-PCM works fine, and also does Dolby Atmos.
Each channel is heard from the correct speaker.
I think that it may be a configuration issue with your AVR

Suggest to double check e.g. Amp Assign and Speaker Setup in your AVR (and assuming the number of channels in kodi is explicitly set to 7.1)


thanks for your replies.

I’m in 7.1 in KODI, no doubts about that. However for the setting below, i’m in [don’t know the real words in english] something like “best match”. I don’t know if “optimized” or the other setting would be useful.

But i agree that for now i should still focus on the AVR because i found out that i have a similar issue with my bluray player (which is compatible with some HD formats like DTS-HDMA and LPCM capable)

As a matter of fact, i would save time if someone had the same AVR around here but in the meantime i will go on testing. This AVR is not easy to deal with; in the 1st years it was easier because all formats were passtrough compatible.

I’ll keep you posted


Just to let you know that a firmware upgrade solved my surround back speakers issue.
I will now be able to run some tests and watch (hear)7.1 movies as properly as i can.


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