Stream audio from Android to CE

Hello there,
I own a Lenovo tablet with an app to play music along.
To get a better sound I want to stream the audio only from the tablet to Odroid N2 box / CE connected to my AVR.
Do you have any experience ?
What setting/app in the Android ?
What setting in CE

Many thanks

My tablet is Wi-Fi connected to modem/router/AP.
Odroid N2/CE is connected by Ethernet to modem/router

U just need a DLNA sink/receiver, Kodi on CE already supported that.
Now find an app on android capably of sending audio using DLNA, plenty on android, search.
DLNA push audio stream to Kodi, if device is capable of decoding it, u can have something like bit-perfect audio. Set audio in Kodi to “Best match” to avoid resampling.

Thank you avin,
I have read and try different app to set it up but unsuccessfully.
The issue seems to be on the source app that have not feature to cast/stream/mirror, etc the audio/screen.
The app is

The only way seems to install a Bluetooth dongle on the Odroid N2, but I would like to avoid to buy one. In this case I will have to set on “Connections preferences Bluethooth”, Cast. The app Tomplay is not aware about where the sound/screen are going, everything is at Android level.
Unfortunately, nothing I can see with Wi-Fi.
Any idea ?

The issue seems to be on the source app that have not feature to cast/stream/mirror

If we are talking about online streaming, U have already noticed the issue, so it is not CE related.
As for android, certain ROMs have OS-level DLNA cast capability, like MIUI, but again, this is android, not so sure if your Lenovo tablet supports it.

For local media, you can have them stored on HDD connected to your N2 and remotely play them with Kodi remote/Yatse

Thanks avin,
You are right, I should ask in a Android forum or directly to Tomplay developers to ask to add a cast feature.

Anyway, if somebody in this forum has experience, please share with us.
Thanks in advance.

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