Stuttering after pause or black screen

I have an odd issue with 4k video on my Odroid N2.

I have only seen the issue on 4k hevc vidoes, not on any 720p or 1080p content.

If I pause the video, or if the video fades to a completely black screen during the playback, the video starts to stutter and the audio goes out of sync. If I skip back or ahead 10 seconds the issue dissapears until I pause again or another completely black sequence of the film.

Anyone seen anything similar, or has ideas for a fix?

Please elaborate more when posting issues.

We need to know what version you are using at the very least.

I have the issue too.
Odroid n2+
19.5 nightly,
After i pause the video and resume it starts stuttering. If i stop the video and resume it plays normally again.
Can anybody help?

I have this problem too. When I pause video, then play it, stutters. 10 sec back helps.

Same here, Odroid n2+. Not directly related to 19.5 cause have it for a while now. Happening after putting on pause. Skipping 10 seconds back helps, so using that method for a while now.

Seems related to the Odroid n2(+).

I´m using both, N2 & N2+
No stuttering after pause

Try rolling back to 19.3. There are known stuttering bugs with N2+ on anything higher than 19.3 but nobody has been able to capture a debug of this issue.

I’m having the same problem on N2+ with CE 19.5. The stutter is really light and corrected by a 10 sec skip but I’d rather not having it at all.
Do you know if this issue is still there on CE20 ?
If you want debug log I can try to provide it

Managed to catch debug log and dmesg log when this happened. Odroid N2+ 4GB Running 19.5 Final

Snippet when this happened exactly. Started the movie, it was stuttering and did a 10sec backwards jump.
kodi_pause_debug_snippet_2023-01-28.txt (521.5 KB)

Full debug log since start

Dmesg since boot

CE-19 is EOSD, try again with clean fresh CE-20 install.

I have had this happen with recent release of 20 also, but I did rollback to 19 because it was more stable.
I think this problem is still worth of taking a look.

Not on CE-19, no.

I’ve seen the stutter start right after the first subtitle line (srt subs) appeared. Before that, just fine. I’ll try and see if it is reproducible in CE-20 as well.

@Boulder, I think your log is better here than in the generic discussion on CE20, so here is the link: CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion - #115 by Boulder
And the quote: