Stuttering after pause or black screen

I have an odd issue with 4k video on my Odroid N2.

I have only seen the issue on 4k hevc vidoes, not on any 720p or 1080p content.

If I pause the video, or if the video fades to a completely black screen during the playback, the video starts to stutter and the audio goes out of sync. If I skip back or ahead 10 seconds the issue dissapears until I pause again or another completely black sequence of the film.

Anyone seen anything similar, or has ideas for a fix?

Please elaborate more when posting issues.

We need to know what version you are using at the very least.

I have the issue too.
Odroid n2+
19.5 nightly,
After i pause the video and resume it starts stuttering. If i stop the video and resume it plays normally again.
Can anybody help?

I have this problem too. When I pause video, then play it, stutters. 10 sec back helps.

Same here, Odroid n2+. Not directly related to 19.5 cause have it for a while now. Happening after putting on pause. Skipping 10 seconds back helps, so using that method for a while now.

Seems related to the Odroid n2(+).

I´m using both, N2 & N2+
No stuttering after pause

Try rolling back to 19.3. There are known stuttering bugs with N2+ on anything higher than 19.3 but nobody has been able to capture a debug of this issue.

I’m having the same problem on N2+ with CE 19.5. The stutter is really light and corrected by a 10 sec skip but I’d rather not having it at all.
Do you know if this issue is still there on CE20 ?
If you want debug log I can try to provide it

Managed to catch debug log and dmesg log when this happened. Odroid N2+ 4GB Running 19.5 Final

Snippet when this happened exactly. Started the movie, it was stuttering and did a 10sec backwards jump.
kodi_pause_debug_snippet_2023-01-28.txt (521.5 KB)

Full debug log since start

Dmesg since boot

CE-19 is EOSD, try again with clean fresh CE-20 install.

I have had this happen with recent release of 20 also, but I did rollback to 19 because it was more stable.
I think this problem is still worth of taking a look.

Not on CE-19, no.

I’ve seen the stutter start right after the first subtitle line (srt subs) appeared. Before that, just fine. I’ll try and see if it is reproducible in CE-20 as well.

@Boulder, I think your log is better here than in the generic discussion on CE20, so here is the link: CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion - #115 by Boulder
And the quote:

FWIIW experiencing the same with the latest CE20.0 release build on my N2+: if there are subs in the stream (in my case the subs are embedded in the mkv) and the media paused, it starts to stutter after resuming. a -10s jump fixes it.

I’ve had it on 20.1 nightly on a N2. Can’t recall the video it occurred on, but symptoms and fix are exactly as described.

As a complete hack ‘fix’ - can I suggest my addon - - you can use that to automate the jump back after pause (get it to jump back after any pause, and jump back a minimal amount). That should at leat help, functionally speaking, until the problem is solved.


Confirming I also experience this issue on the N2+ on both 19 and 20, micro stutters after pause, the content is watchable but gets annoying.

yeah, i’ve always had this issue on the N2 on core elec leia/matrix, but i usually do a 30s back and then 10s forward (which always resyncs everything) because going back 10s would sometimes still have the stutter. i’ve noticed this on embedded and external subs downloaded by a4ksubtitles. i can post more when i upgrade to THE NEXUS but ain’t no thing.

1 luv core elec 4 lyfe

I had written about this more than a year ago, but the devs haven’t been able to reproduce it, so i started to suspect something else might be causing it. Because while most people have N2, i have GT king pro, so it might not even be the device (at least not the only reason)

Just to check with others this is happening, i am using an LG 4k TV, and also passthrough audio to a Pioneer AVR. Wondering if either of these might be part of the reason. I dont suppose everyone with this problem has LG TV for example?